How to Remove Your HPA Regulator from your Tank

Traveling? Want to upgrade one of your tanks with an updated regulator? Simply want to know how? Check it out – while we’ve got specialized tools to do it ourselves, not everyone has a machine shop across the road and custom build reg removal tools like we do :)

Regulator Removal Tool Ninja

CAUTION! Make sure that your tank is FULLY empty before doing ANY work on it. This includes removing your regulator!!!

“How do I take my regulator off so that I can put my new one on? “Can I bring my tank on a plane?” “I’m taking my tank in for a Hydro Test, what do I need to do?”

Don’t worry! Hustle Paintball has your back! All of these questions are easily answered with “Just use the Regulator Removal Tool to remove/install your regulator and you’ll be all set!”

We noticed that nobody else in the industry makes anything to safely and reliably remove your regulator without fear of damaging your tank/regulator. So we decided to make one!!!

Pick up one of these custom Regulator Removal tools and you will be able to remove/install ANY Ninja or Empire Regulator with ease. This tool was designed from the same tool that Ninja uses to remove regulators at their shop. It applies equal, even pressure to all of the fittings on the outside of your regulator to ensure no damage is done to your regulator.

So whether you are upgrading or replacing your reg, flying to an event or even sending your tank off to be Hydrostatically Tested, you’ll be prepared!
Regulator Removal Tool

  • Precision milled to ensure that ALL Empire and Ninja Regulators will be compatible.
  • Crafted from 6061 Aluminum.
  • Easy to secure in a clamp, vice or spanner to aid in use.

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