How To Keep Your Marker Running Like New

Keeping your paintball marker running like new is essential for keeping up with everyone out on the playing fields.  If you don’t maintain, clean and keep your marker up, it will more than likely start running like…well…you know, not so good.  Not to mention, the risks of leaks, it stops shooting all together or ends up needing much more fixes than normal.  Most good paintball markers are expensive these days, so to avoid having to buy a new one, maintain it and do some of the following tips to help keep it running like you just bought it!

  1. While playing in a tournament or some sort of paintball game, if you happen to jab your marker into a stream of water or puddle of mud be sure to clean it out after you are finished playing.  You wouldn’t want mud to harden inside your marker.
  2. NEVER use any oil or lubricant that is not made for paintball guns.  If you end up planet-eclipse-geo3-paintball-gunusing the wrong oil, you might hurt or destroy your o-rings, so be cautious.  If you need some paintball oil, visit this link here.
  3. After you are done playing, wipe down your marker.  If you don’t then mud, residue and even paint can become REALLY hard to get off after it dries and hardens…just saying.
  4. Your barrel will also need some regular maintenance.  Anytime you play in a tournament or paintball game, use a squeegee to clean the inside of your barrel.  If there is any leftover paint inside of the barrel after playing it can cause your marker to become inaccurate…and no one wants that.

    Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

    Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

  5. Always check your CO2 to make sure that you aren’t empty.  Also, check the valves to ensure that there are no problems with them.
  6. If your marker uses a battery, replace them often or check for corrosion.

Regular maintenance on your marker is super crucial to keep it running like new.  If you have any additional questions or have any other cleaning tips you have found helpful in maintaining your gun, leave them below in the comment box.

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