How To Clean Your Paintball Mask

There are many different rumors floating around on how to correctly clean your mask. We’ve got two of the best ways to clean your mask without scratching the lenses or removing any protective (anti-scratch, UV, anti-fog, tinted) coating. We show demonstrations of these two popular techniques and suggest good products to use while warning about harmful products and techniques.

Technique #1: How To Clean Your Mask Without Scratching the Lens

So you were out playing some paintball and you got shot right on the lens.  This is makes for a very good reason WHY you should always clean your mask – because you can’t see out of it afterwards!  So what you want to do is take the excess paint off of the lens (as demonstrated in our YouTube clip).  One of the easiest ways to do this, especially if you are out without a microfiber cleaning cloth, just use your hand!  Wipe as much paint off as possible with your hand.  The idea is that your hand keeps you from scratching your lens and still allows you to continue playing some paintball.  Once you get home, use some cleaning solution – spray it onto the lens and use a microfiber cloth to clean the rest of the paint off of your mask.  For some great mask and lens cleaning products, be sure to check out our website for some of these items.

Some really great Anti-Fog Cleaners & Sprays from Hustle Paintball:

Pathogen Goggle Maintenance Kit

Pathogen’s new Goggle Maintenance Packs give you everything you need to have that pathogen-goggle-maintenance-kitupper edge on your competition. While others are trying to wipe away that dirt and debris with their sleeves, your lens is clean as a whistle, and now they have even more to wipe off when they get off the field.


  • 2 oz. Pathogen AR Kleen Lens Cleaner
  • Pathogen Microfiber Lens Cloth


On our website, several of you guys actually reviewed the Pathogen Goggle Maintenance Kit.  Here is what you guys said:

“Great stuff, also use it on my glasses” ~Jim

“Excellent” ~Giani

“This is great for any mask Have this for my amazing dye I4’s from hustlepaintball Cleans the paint right off so you can get back n the field” ~Oscar

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