How To Clean a Zetamag

We have been having some questions lately on how to clean your zetamag without taking it apart (which, we all know can be a pain in the butt).  But anyhow, in this YouTube video, Russell from Hustle Paintball demonstrates exactly how to clean your zetamag – the professional way!  Actually, it’s extremely simple.

So, you have been out on the field slashing it out on the paintball field and all of a sudden you break some paint in your magfed marker.  Yes, this sucks!  No matter how the paint breaks, where it breaks or why it breaks, we all can come to the consensus that it just sucks – there’s no other way of putting it!

But exactly how do you clean your zetamag?  Well, no other way than at the sink.  Simply run some hot water through and over the mag and sit it out to dry.  Depending on the temperature that day you may need to allow it dry for up to 20 minutes before use; just make sure it is thoroughly dried before using again.


Stark Pursuit Zetamag

“BUT!  THE METAL PARTS!  THEY WILL RUST!” You may be saying, but never fear, the Stark Pursuit ZetaMag will never rust, the parts are made of stainless steel!  So with that, you will never have to take apart your zetamag ever again – just consult with your handy-dandy sink.

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