How To Buy The Right Paintball Gun For You

To play paintball, you have to have a number of things, actual paintballs, a mask, and of course a paintball gun.  But if you have never bought one before, you may not know where to start, what gun to look at and what to buy with your budget.  But the truth stands – you HAVE to have a paintball gun to play paintball.  So here are some simple tips to help you consider just what kind of paintball gun will meet your needs and the size of your wallet.

How To Buy The Right Paintball Gun

  1. The Price – Obviously the price of the gun is going to affect whether or not you decide to purchase it.  So before you even begin to consider looking at paintball CCM T2 Pump Markerguns, give your budget a quick look and decide on how much you can spend.  There are many guns out there that are reasonably priced in the $100 to $700 range.  On the other end, there are very high dollar paintball guns that reach into the thousands.
  2. The Right Fit – A good thing to do before you get your heart set on one paintball gun is to test them out before you buy one.  This way you will better understand how the gun works and if you even like it or not.  Some things to consider include how the gun fits in your hands, the smoothness of the shot, the volume of the shot, how fast the gun shoots, etc. etc.  This is not required of course, but is definitely recommended; you will want a paintball gun that provides ease and comfort while you are out playing.
  3. The Size – Yes, size does matter when it comes to a paintball gun.  The bigger the gun and the tank, the heavier it will be.  You should want your gun to be easy to handle, but not too easy.  You just want it to be the right size and weight for you, because you will be carrying it around and running with it during tournaments and games.
  4. planet-eclipse-geo3.1-paintball-gun-midnightShop Around – Hustle Paintball has a ton of paintball guns and paintball gun packages for you to check out, and we would love to assist you in your search for the right gun.  But make sure you have checked out all of your options and have decided on the right choice.
  5. Ask Around – If you are a part of a paintball league ask the guys or girls what gun they recommend and why.  Take a poll!  Someone who has been playing for a while can offer the best advice on what to get or what not to get in terms of paintball guns and gear.  We at Hustle Paintball are also available to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding what paintball gun would fit your wallet and your needs.

So there you have it, our top 5 tips for buying the right paintball gun.  Do you have any tips to offer?  What other considerations did you look into when you bought your first, or second, or seventh paintball gun?  We would love to hear from you!

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