Guerrilla Air Myth G2 Regulator

Guerrilla Air is known for making very reliable products and for having some of the smallest and most efficient air tanks on the market. Because the Myth regulator is smaller than the rest available on the market, it not only cuts down on weight, but you can play tighter because you do not have a massive regulator between your marker and the tank. The Myth reg has been around long enough to withstand the test of time, but Guerrilla decided that it was time for an update.

The new G2 myth reg has no “high pressure” or “low pressure model, the regulator will work on any marker and will put out the right amount of pressure! Not only will it work on any marker, it can also be adjusted so that the fill nipple and gauge can be set where you want them. You no longer have to play with the gauge digging into your hand! Guerrilla really out did themselves with this product and I cannot wait to get one of these bad boys on my tank!

The Revolutionary G2 Myth reg

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