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We have all hit that point where we have accumulated so much gear that we need a bag of exaggerated proportions in order to fit all of the “necessary” gear. Over the years, I have gone through quite a few gear bags, and only a few have I ever been impressed with. One of those gear bags that has caught my attention and affection is the Tippmann Deluxe Rolling Gear Bag. One of the main reasons that I love this bag so much is its simplicity. So many gear bags that are out right now have a bunch of things added onto them that make them bulkier than they really need to be. Thus, it gives the companies a reason to jack the price up. The Deluxe Rolling Gear Bag keeps the design simple while still being able to hold your gear in a secure and easy to use platform.

Many of the high end bags offer things like double marker slots, while the Tippmann Deluxe Rolling Gear Bag offers a divider for you markers instead of having them built in, that way you don’t have unusable space in your bag. It also has pod loops on the inside of the bag so that you don’t just have loose pods rolling around on the inside of your bag. It also offers some nice extras like a little pocket on the inside where  you can keep shoes or your air tanks. It also has a flap that comes out of the bottom for you to stand on if you had to change your clothes. It also rolls, so if you were to be traveling with all of your gear you do not have to be lugging around this giant gear bag, but you can roll it around with ease. A friend of mine and I actually tested how durable just the wheels were by rolling it behind a car. Not only did it work fine afterwards, it worked like it did new! It is these nice little things that Tippmann added that make this gear bag one of my favorites. If you are interested in the bag, check out our review here.                                                                                     ~ Ethan

Flap for changing/teching on

Inside of the Tippmann Deluxe Rolling Gear Bag


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