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At some point or another we have all searched for an answer on the internet and found the answer in a forum. The answer may be from another user or someone involved in the service on the product. This is the true driving force behind forums; users, fanatics, manufacturers and everyone with an opinion can share their views and experiences. Paintball forums are no different; there are many of them out there with millions of users posting thoughts, reviews, questions, answers and sometimes just fun stuff. This has become the perfect place to visit in your search for information that will not be in a product description. Forums are about a community that shares an interest and in this case the interest is paintball.

The largest paintball forum in the world is The Nation, as it is most often referred to, is a massive gathering of over 500,000 members from all over the world. A group of this size takes a large amount of maintenance and like all forums, it is moderated by veteran members. Becoming a moderator on most forums is a “let your actions speak your intentions, not your words” kind of test. Asking to be a mod will most likely ensure you will not be one, while well thought out posts and responses will get you noticed and promoted.

Forums like are very specific to players who use, own, modify and torture the Tippmann A5. This can be a great resource for someone looking for a very specific upgrade or a long lost discontinued item. While everyone on the forum may not have the same experience or skill level you can get a large spectrum of opinions from people who are in the same boat you are. Most paintball forums are not quite this specific but the A5 has been around for quite some time and the plethora of upgrades and options available give the A5 a rabid following.

Paintball is not new and neither is the idea of a paintball forum. Old school players have been sharing thoughts and ideas on for years. While the name may throw some people off track because there is no mention of paintball in the title, MCB is a fantastic resource that definitely has a different pace and style than many of the other forums. This is also the stomping ground for many pump players and also has a large section devoted to the CCM pump markers.

With a new forum launching there is now a new place for players and fans to gather and share. Whether you still rock your pre-2k Autococker or shoot lasers with your gorgeous CSL Prestige you can visit with your friends and field enemies alike. The RIOT is based on the idea that a forum can be welcoming to new players, vets and even *gasp* industry insiders. So bring your Lemonade Sandana and your ghillie suit, your Tipp 98 and your 110 tank… everyone is welcome! Speedballers, woodsballers it does not matter what you carry or where you play if you like paintball or like someone who plays paintball the pbRIOT is the place where your random search will now lead you.

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