Fixing HK Army KLR Fogging Issues

We’ve heard about KLR fog issues and we think there is a solution. The HK Army KLR is an excellent mask—and, for many users, the fog shouldn’t be an issue after removing a small section of black plastic that shipped on many of the masks. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Take a look at the top of the mask to see if it shipped with a piece of plastic above the vent area. Without the plastic, your mask should look like the picture below.

Top Mask

2. If the piece of plastic is already removed, you shouldn’t have fogging problems. If it’s still there, you need to remove it for better ventilation. To remove the plastic vent cover, peel the forehead foam off the mask carefully.

Peel Foam

3. Use a pick or small flathead screwdriver to remove the plastic. It is anchored in the center of the vent area and to the sides. It should come right off.

4. Reattach the foam. The forehead foam should reattach well if you use a hairdryer to get the adhesive warm.

Reattach Foam

Give us a call or drop an email if you are having any trouble. If you break the forehead foam we have replacement foam available.

If you haven’t seen Reload #63 yet, video instructions for fixing KLR fogging problems are included. Check out the video below

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