First Look: MacDev’s Cyborg 6

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‘Twas over a decade ago that MacDev release the first Cyborg. Built for speed and solid performance, the Cyborg was one of the hottest markers on the market. As a result, five models were made – each of them successful. To say this put MacDev on the map is an understatement: Cyborg arguably made MacDev the leader that it is today. The brand has a lot to live up to, so when rumor of a sixth model began floating around, everyone knew that marker had to deliver. The rumors are true, and yes, MacDev is indeed gearing to launch the sixth model of the Cyborg line – the Cyborg 6 – in 2014.

And we are pleased to announce that all signs point to the Cyborg 6 being a real winner. In short, if you want to own a poppet-style, high-end marker, the Cyborg 6 is looking to be the prime choice of the year. What is going to make the Cyborg 6 such an awesome marker? Let’s take a look.

First, the Cyborg 6 has a much-improved ASA, making it easier for venting. One twist and you are able to turn the vent on and off. MacDev also relocated the high-press regulator, placing it inside the grip of the marker, so it can be adjusted from within the grip itself. The circuitry has also be redone, in that it now has two transducers (which informs you of the pressure inside your high-pressure reg).

Other improvements consist of the LPR now on the front, which will give you a readout on your board regarding what PSI that is running at. The newly redesigned trigger also has a new left side-to-side play, yet this is adjustable. Thus, if you want more side-to-side play, this can be adjusted as well.

When you open up the frame of your marker, you usually spot I-wires and solenoid wires. That is no longer the case with the Cyborg 6 as it has been completely taken out of the marker. Replacing it is a plate that makes contact with your solenoid/I-wires. Thus, this eliminates the pinching wires and the cutting of wires inside the marker, the elimination of solenoid/I-wire malfunctions. This will make the marker much easier to troubleshoot and clean; how awesome is that?

MacDev is also releasing the Shift 2 barrel system, which is a three-piece barrel kit that threads right onto the gun. Reverse threaded on the front with a sleeve inside that is easy to remove that is held in by a collar that is locked in by the barrel. When you put it back on, it will lock in place with no shifting, no breaking of O-rings, etc.

According to MacDev, the Cyborg 6 has an indefinite lifespan because if you shoot the gun so much that you wear out the ram sleeve, you can simply buy a new ram sleeve and install it back into the marker. Yes, the ram sleeve is interchangeable, as it is not built into the body. Pretty smart huh?

To summarize, some of the key features of MacDev’s Cyborg 6 include:

  • Full gas-through design.
    • No hoses outside or inside – not even any half-hoses!
  • Matching soft grips on front regulator whatsoever.
    • Barrel back and the hand grip as well.
  • Pullout drivetrain requires no tools 
  • Soft tipped, cap bolt for paint that is fragile.
  • Dual transducer electronics.

    • Makes digital tuning a breeze.
  • Full-color OLED screen.
  • Plug-free, frame-to-body electrical connection
  • High volume, low pressure complete with a low recoil that is directed backwards instead of upwards.

    • The result? Insane accuracy.
  • More features than you can shake a paintball squeegee at!

To learn more about the MacDev Cyborg 6 or to buy other MacDev products, visit our home page today!

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