First Look: Inception Designs Axe Bodies

Inception Designs is doing something awesome: they are offering new custom bodies for their Axe marker! At Paintball Extravaganza 2014, we had a chance to meet up with the legendary Simon Stevens to discuss the new bodies you can expect in the foreseeable future for Inception Design’s Axe.

Battle Axe

  • Axe that has been upgraded with a tactical body.
    • Built-in picatinny rail system.
    • New barrel system.
    • Empire accessory feed neck.
  • Fully functional rails.
    • They even allow you to add the GoPro camera mount on it.

      • Take it from us: GoPro cameras are amazing!
    • You can also place offset side rails on the back.

But that’s not the only Axe body from Inception Designs…

Kryptonite Axe

  • Designed after the Lamborghini Aventador and Night Hawk 117.

    • Thus, you know it’s going to look hot, sexy, classy – all of the above.
  • Available in wall or mat black.
  • Can take the wall ones and custom anodize them.
  • Can do the same with the barrel.

These guys are doing some amazing things in paintball this year, and the new custom bodies for the Inception Design Axe? It’s the latest reason why Stevens and this company are ones to watch in 2014. If you are excited about the new Axe bodies, let us know in the comments below!

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