How to Fill a CO2 Tank via a Bulk Tank

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If you play a lot of paintball (you’re reading a paintball blog so you obviously do, right?), then you have probably found yourself interested in filling your own tanks at home. Traveling to your nearest fill station can get expensive, time-consuming, and an inconvenience. Moreover, if you currently live in the middle of nowhere like I used to, then it becomes unfeasible to drive dozens of miles round trip to fill up your tank. I know where you’re coming from: I used to have to drive 80 miles round trip in my younger years just to get a tank refilled. Believe me when I say I would have seriously considered giving away one of my body parts to be able to fill up my tank at home.

The point is this: there are a ton of great reasons why you should consider filling up tanks with your own air. If you play with a group of guys, they will thank you too, and if you have a lot of players in the area? Having a fill station others can use has the potential to become a fairly profitable side gig. Whatever your reasons for wanting to fill your own tank, you need to know how to do it the right way. It’s a question we get a lot over here at Hustle Paintball, so read below to find the best way to fill up your CO2 tanks at home!

First thing’s first: buy a fill station

Luckily, we have made this easy for you guys. We offer a variety of fill stations that are the best in the business, and while you’re at it? Ask us about buying bulk tanks if you have any questions.

You need to decide what size of bulk tank you want to buy. You also need a digital scale like the one used in one of our videos from last year. Again, if you have any questions about anything, visit our website and contact us directly. We will guide you through the process and help you to find the bulk tank and/or digital scale that is right for you.

Filling the tank

Follow these steps to fill your CO2 tank. Again (and the last time we are saying it), if you have any questions, contact us directly:

  • Follow the directions from your purchased fill station and attach it to your bulk tank. Attach the hose from the bulk tank to your CO2 tank.
  • Ensure you have gas going into the tank by checking to see if the valve is open. If it is, you’re good to go.
  • Attach the digital scale to your tank.
  • Open up your bulk tank and begin filling up your tank per your purchased fill station’s instructions.
  • The tank will begin swinging back and forth as the CO2 fills the tank. Stop whenever you get about six ounces from the maximum amount of air your tank will hold, and purge the tank (Caution: this could get loud). This will cool the tank off (frost will likely form on the outside of the tank), allowing you to safely fill your tank with CO2.Continue filling the tank until the digital scale states your tank has the maximum amount of CO2 it can hold. If your tank holds 20oz, fill until the scale reads ’20 ounces.’ Simply math here, folks.
    • Why do we do this? Because CO2 that stays in a hot tank for a few hours can blow burst discs. Ensure they’re cool, never leave your tanks sitting in the sun.
  • Take your scale off the tank, close the pin valve, and purge the rest of the air out of the line.
  • Take the tank off of the fill station (caution: they are very cold), and the best news? Your tank is ready to be used!

Have any other questions about filling up your own CO2 tanks? Let us know in the comments below!

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