Family Dinner

I want to take the time to acknowledge how special the team we have here at Hustle Paintball is. Seriously, this is not your typical pyramid of power supported by the ever stalwart pull of the paycheck. Honestly guys, if it were about the money; I am not sure a single one of us would be answering phone calls, or responding to emails.

This article is titled “Family Dinner” because that is what we like to do. We do not literally sit down and have a scheduled family dinner, but we often sit down together and celebrate things like anniversaries, or team goals we have reached.

We also <3 Sriracha!

In fact recently on our day off we had our traditional “Chinese and Champagne” day to celebrate a milestone for two of our team members’ time here.

Jay, as of early August has officially been here a year. Trevor, as of early August has been with the company for three years. It has taken Ethan some time, but he really has put together a hell of a team to help push our expectations of this company even further. Seriously, have you seen our video channel lately? Things are improving around here, every little thing is being looked at and we are asking ourselves as a team on what we can do to improve and make things better.

Much of what our mentality is in the office; we try to spread everywhere through our different mediums of interacting with you all, our customers. I mean, really we do not just see you all in the same light as some other companies out there. You are not walking wallets to us that we just want to pillage and move on to the next.

He may be the boss, but he sets the pace and grinds out every single day with us.

Especially locally, but even over the phone: Josh, Eric, Travis, C.J. – The list goes on and you know who you are; you are our friends.

On the 20th, we are all going to see the Denver Roller Dolls steamroll some people and just go out and have a good time together. This is not a “Team-building” exercise, something that we are doing because we believe we should. We are all going together because we genuinely want to. Being a team, and teamwork itself are the foundation of this company. When big things happen around the office, it is because we all put our heads together and create something as a team. There is not a single one of us who believes they are better than the person to the left or right.

This brings me to our teamwork outside of the office as well. As you all know, 100% of Hustle Paintball Staff are active paintball players.

Friendship & respect is what drives a lot of what we do.

Ethan, Jay, and Russell are on Team Anomaly and practice almost every weekend of the year regardless of weather. Trevor plays a lot less now due to his knee issues, and Jeff has a big family to take care of.

Regardless of why or when we play, every single one of us has a passion for this sport that we bring into our teamwork in the office. When you see us push a product, or “advertise” it, it is because we in fact like the product personally, and want to see it do well.   The nice thing about this team mentality is often we have differing opinions on things. If you ask Ethan his opinion on one thing, you may get a wildly different opinion from Russell. That’s the thing, both opinions are going to be grounded by an actual paintball player who has a legitimate reason for what they like and do not. It is up to you at that point to make a decision on how likely your opinion is to line up with the person you are speaking with.

Really, all I am trying to say here is that teamwork and friendship have been the driving force behind this company. Not only do we consider ourselves a team in the office and on the field, but we consider you all — our customers, a part of our team as well.

Thank you for your support, and for being a part of the Hustle Paintball family!

– Trevor

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