EZ Creation FlexR Paintball Fan Kit

The newest fan kit from EZ Creations performed extremely well, moving the smoke from the inside of the mask rapidly as well as being much, MUCH easier to install and adjust.

The new FLEXR is a complete one-piece fan kit offering the best solution to mask fogging! EZ Creations FlexR Flex R Mask Fan KitThis fan kit now comes in a STAINLESS STEEL casing, it can and will resist impact and the roughest conditions. No more cheap plastic! Powered by a single AA battery, it will average 40 hours of continuous play: switch it on and enjoy fog-free play all weekend long! The FLEXR uses Flex technology which allows you to pivot the fan modules into the ideal position. This one piece kit installs in just a couple of minutes with teh custom mounting hooks provided. You can also mount teh FLEXR above or below the mask vents. You have the ability to control both the fan speed and the airflow direction. So whether you want your fan to blow air into the mask or suck air out of it, or a combination of the two it can do that.


  • FLEXR unit with 1 year warranty
  • (1) AA DURACELL battery so you can use the fan right out of the box
  • (2) sets of custom mounting hooks (1 short set,1 long set) for easy installation on virtually any mask
  • Package of cable ties and velcro, in case you want to get creative!

EZ Creations FlexR Mask Fan Kit

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