Everything You Need to Know About the Azodin KD-II

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While Azodin’s KD-II looks like a ray gun from one of old Flash Gordon comics (see what I mean), there’s nothing out of date about their sequel to the Kaos-D (available April, 2014). The first thing you notice when you look at Azodin’s latest offering is that the color scheme for each gun looks sleek. The colors have a slick metallic look to them. Again, they look as if they were ripped out of the pages of a Flash Gordon issue.

"My KD-II will defeat Monolith and save the galaxy," - Flash Gordon

“My KD-II will defeat Monolith and save the galaxy,” – Flash Gordon

Sporting five different colors (all black, lime and silver, pink and purple, gun metal with blue, and blue and gold). But the KD-II doesn’t merely look pretty – far from it. In addition to its stellar good looks, the KD-II also features a direct-mounted zero system that allows you to drop the pressure to 225Psi to 250Psi on the top-end. Azodin has also added a clamping feedneck with a sprocket that is easily adjustable complete with a low profile.

The KD-II also has an improved trigger pull that will allow you to get the trigger pulled much shorter, resulting in the response having to come back only a little before you can pull it again. You will never have to do a full pull again, resulting in an increased rate of fire on the marker. The KD-II also features a two-piece, 14-inch barrel (689 bore) and will support a variety of carbon fiber accessories later down the road, such as a one-piece barrel with an extremely smooth finish and a two-piece barrel with a smooth finish and a carbon fiber back.

In the end, the KD-II looks to be a worthy successor to the original Kaos-D. It’s much improved, looks sexy, and the awesome carbon fiber accessories it will support is simply icing on the proverbial cake. While there isn’t any word on an affirmative price at this point, Azodin is bound to announce the price of the KD-II shortly, so stay tuned!

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