Etek 3 HDE

Planet Eclipse has released two new color schemes for their wildly popular Etek3; the Etek3 now comes in Urban HDE Cam and Forest HDE Cam! These two color schemes are replacing two previously existing color schemes Forest Dig-E-Cam and Urban Dig-E-Cam. HDE Cam stands for HD Eclipse Camo or High Definition Eclipse Camo. Planet Eclipse has had their Dig-E Cam line for years now, and for 2011 they decided to change it up, which,  in my opinion, is fantastic! These camo patterns are sure to impress and will rake in the compliments. I think that the HDE camo pattern looks much more classy than the previous Dig-E-Cam patterns and certainly fits in every type of paintball that you can play! Not only do these markers look great but they are backed by the Planet Eclipse brand name. Planet Eclipse really outdid them selves on these camo patterns, and they certainly accent the performance of these fantastic markers!

If you want to get the best setup on the market for this already great marker, think about throwing on a Dye Rotor and a Guerrilla Air HPA tank. The Dye Rotors are the most durable and reliable hoppers on the market, and Guerrilla Air tanks have the smallest regulators which drastically cut down on the weight of the tank. Guerrilla also offers some of the best customer service in the market, and also offer the revolutionary G2 Myth regulator which allows you to place the regulator where you want so that the fill nipple and gauge are not digging into your hand!


Dye Rotor

Guerrilla Air 70/4500 HPA tank

Etek3 Forest HDE

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