Dye Resister Paintball Gear Bag Review

Does your gear bag matter?

Short answer—YES!

It matters.

Alright, if you’re still using a Brass Eagle Talon with a 35 round hopper and you’re getting outgunned by autocockers, a gear bag doesn’t need to be on your priority list.

If you already have invested in some decent gear and you want to protect it, it’s actually time to think about looking for the best paintball gear bag you can get.


Now, think about what you are going to need. The first requirement has to be space. Maybe the second is transportability—or lugging ease. After that, what do you think are the most important features of a gear bag.

Here’s what it is for me—the ability to handle harsh conditions and the “stench” of paintball.

The problem is that I am a lazy person. I get done playing and my gear sits in my trunk for days—usually until the night before I am going to play again. Everything goes in there. Soft goods like clothing, markers, mask, tubes, some paint. All of it.

When I get back from the field, my bag is usually filthy too.

This is where the Dye Resister comes in.

It’s called the “Resister” because it resists everything that you could ever throw at it.

Weather, gallons of paint, the stink of month-old moldy gear—you name it, the Dye Resister can handle it.

On top of that, it has some pretty sweet functionality.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below…


Yeah—it’s a gear bag. Sure. But what makes it special? What makes the Dye Resister the best paintball gear bag money can buy?

Well, if you didn’t watch our review video yet, which you should, here is the run down.

First, it’s huge. You can fit every bit of paintball gear you own and more into it.

Next, Dye thought of everything.

In the front, there is a pocket for all of your “nasty” stuff—dirty, paint soaked jersey, cleats, anything that is gross that you don’t want coming into contact with clean stuff. On the other side of the bag is an insulated mask carrying compartment.

Why is the mask compartment insulated?

Originally, I thought that it was for beer…obviously.

Well, it turns out that leaving your mask sitting in a hot bag in the sun or the 120+ degree trunk of your car can actually cause thermal lens failure. At least that’s what Dye claims. You know what? I believe them. Why? They spend a lot of money on research and development.

The Dye Resister also has wheels, a cool handle like a real luggage bag, and rubber sealed zippers. It stands up on its end so it’s great for airport trips.

You know what?

You could get the Dye Resister and use it as a suitcase. It’s the perfect antidote for aggressive baggage handlers.

You really need to check out the video above. We put the Resister to the test by dumping about three gallons of paint on it and soaking it with a tsunami of water. It stood up to that test and it is going to stand up to anything you throw at it.

Do yourself a favor and buy one. A duffle bag isn’t enough. Here’s the link to the Dye Resister on our website.

Remember, you don’t need one unless you have some really sweet gear you have to protect. If you are still using that Brass Eagle from 1997, go get one of these and the Dye Resister.

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