Dye DM 14 XX Anniversary Paintball Gun

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out Hustle Reload #65. We took a look at the Dye DM 14 Anniversary edition. It is a box of awesome:

box of awesome


The DM 14 is Dye’s first gas-thru marker. They took out the macro line to improve it’s generally “awesome” look. Removing the line definitely improves the feel of the marker, the look, and it’s durability. The DM 14 also has the lowest profile of any paintball gun in the DM series. The streamline profile is sleek and functional, removing surface area for a “more competitive” marker.

My favorite feature of the DM 14 is the quick-release magnetic bolt. Quickly removing the bolt has never been faster or easier. There is a one-touch spring mechanism that allows you to remove and re-install the bolt in a couple of seconds.

Push button bolt removal is pretty cool, but over time durability might be an issue. If you are playing in particularly harsh conditions and the DM 14 quick release gets gummed up, Dye built in access for removal with an allen key.

The inside of the bolt is different as well. The inner diameter was changed to improve efficiency and create better airflow. The result is a marker that is softer on paint than the 2012 or 2013 DM.

The internals are a little different in the DM 14 too. You get a smaller circuit board and Dye finally added a battery harness so you don’t have to worry about messing around with prongs for the 9 volt.

Going gas-thru is the latest “cool” thing to do—so Dye did it, but they didn’t want to skip on functionality. To improve customization, they make the ASA movable. With a 1/8th allen key you can slide it back and forth about an inch and a half. It isn’t much, but it is one of those little features that people point to when they justify the high price tag.

Check out Hussle Reload #65 for a look at the XX Anniversary Edition:

What Do You Get With The XX Anniversary Edition:

First, you get to pay more. After that, you get a custom Boomstick barrel kit. It includes three backs for .684, .688, and .692. It also comes in cool colors. It has 20th anniversary milling everywhere, a nifty 20 year anniversary finish, an “acid etched XX,” a special 20th anniversary bolt cap, and special collector’s edition packaging.

Functionally, the marker is the same as the DM 14. If you’re going to get one though—you might as well shell out the extra cash. It looks cool and it is a box of awesome.

It’s a seriously nice marker and it comes as a serious price. You likely don’t need it, and there are better values out there, but if you absolutely need to show off a bit, the DM 14 XX Anniversary Edition is for you.


Go ahead and order it on our website. It’s only a cool $2,000.

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