Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Paintball Sniper?

Paintball snipers are what make a team good, or…well…bad…It is very important that if you are chosen to be the team’s sniper, that you prepare and practice prior to hitting the field.  To be a really good paintball sniper, you need to possess certain skills and traits, as well as the right equipment, so that you can act and play effectively.  In this article, we have included some of the top traits and skills that you will need to become the best paintball sniper you can be, as well as one of the best players on the team.

Do You Have What It Takes?!

Do You Have What It Takes?!

The Right Skills

Shooting Abilities – Obviously the one skill you must have to become the best sniper is to be a good shot.  When you are practicing, try to incorporate as many long-distance shooting drills as possible.  Set up some targets several feet away and shoot as accurately as possible.  Additionally, you will need to be able to block out tunnel vision.  By doing so, you will be better able to follow your moving target with your gun and fire at them quickly, particularly once the target stops and is not in motion.

Alertness – Yes, your shooting abilities are VERY important if you are taking on the sniper position, but it is also important that you are able to stay alert for an extended period of time.  Not only do you need to remain alert throughout the game or tournament, but you also have to be able to sit and crouch for a loooooonnnnngggg time.  Because of this, you need to be flexible – exercise and stretch regularly.

Ability to Escape Quickly – Sometimes you will be spotted and will need to escape or flee from your current position rather quickly.  Being able to do so really fast is imperative.  Aside from stretching and becoming more flexible, you will need to build up your legs and increase your response reflexes; to do this, practice going from a sitting and standing position.

Get the RIGHT Equipment

A paintball sniper needs the best of the best equipment, including your marker, scope, outfit, EVERYTHING!  As for your marker, make sure you purchase something with a Tiberius Arms T9.1 First Strike Sniper Rifletactical red dot sight and barrel mount.  Incorporating the right amount of accessories on your marker will turn your gun from an ordinary paintball gun to a true “sniper dream rifle”.  At Hustle Paintball, you can check out the Tiberius Arms T9.1 First Strike Sniper Rifle, which comes equipped with the standard 13ci Tank/Stock combo, an FSR Adjustable Riser, an Adjustable Laser and a 4×32 Dual Illuminated Scope with Range Estimator.

To be a paintball sniper, you definitely will need a good scope, which will either come with your gun, or you can purchase separately.  Having one of these helps you to spot your Tiberius Arms 4x32 Range Estimating Scope Paintball Gun Parttarget at great distances.  But beware, these can become a danger to any sniper, simply because you can get caught up in the moment looking through the scope, making you a vulnerable target to the enemy.  Check out this Tiberius Arms 4×32 Range Estimating Scope with Dual Illumination!  You can purchase it right off of our website and attach it to your standard tactical weaver or Picatinny rail.

What you wear out there is extremely important as the sniper.  Being as camouflaged as possible will only help you out in the long run.  This includes your head wraps, jackets, pants, coveralls, gloves, EVERYTHING!  The Dye Precision Tactical Dye Precision Tactical Pant 2.0Pant 2.0 comes in a camo color; they are made with reinforced double stitching and strong materials, keeping you safe!  They also feature 45-degree pockets for easy access, stretch knee panels and rugged abrasion resistant kneepads.

And definitely look into the Propper Apecs Gore-tex Parka.  This jacket offers superior waterproof durability without sacrificing comfort or breathability.  Wearing this jacket as a propper apecs gore-tex parkasniper allows you to slip away and hide with its camouflage print.  Not to mention, this jacket include two hand-warmer pockets, extended drop tail for added rain protection and is wind and waterproof!

These skills and equipment are very essential if you want to become the ultimate sniper for your paintball team.  But, you must always remember that just because you are the sniper, you must always be in constant communication with your team members.  There is more responsibility that comes with being the sniper than most other positions while on the field playing.  Be very patient, train well and prepare yourself, and you will perform very well!  Good luck and have fun out there!

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