In-depth: Valken Pod Loader V2

pod rocket image

What can you do whenever you need to load paint in a matter of moments for your teammates? Instead of carrying around boxes of paint, tipping the box over, and pouring the paint into each pod individually, do yourself a favor and buy Valken’s Pod Loader V2 (i.e. the ‘pod rocket’) instead. Especially if your team is sick of taking the time to fill up your individual pods and wasting time, the Pod Loader V2 is certainly worth of your consideration. How does it hold up? Find out after the jump.

The Pod Loader V2 includes the following:

  • A lid
  • Two body halves
  • Clamps
  • Spring-loaded base (very tough and durable)

What’s great about the base is there is a gap near the feed gate that is sloped, which keeps your paint from chopping when poured. To use the pod rocket, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Hang it up and pour.
  • Place the body halves upside down, click them together, then pour the paint into your pods.
  • Take your base, clamp it down, put your body halves together inside the base.

Personally, we prefer the third option the best. This stabilizes the Pod Loader V2 without any risk of it spilling over, causing the paint to go everywhere. With the two body halves together, simply slide them straight into the base, clip the sides together, and pour your paint into the pod rocket.

Take your pod and press in to open the gate under the base, and voila: you have a full pod in less than a second! Don’t believe us? Take a look at our video and see for yourself how simple it is to reload your pods. In fact, you can load approximately 20 pods in less than one minute!

If you play with a team regularly and want to load your pods as quickly as possible, the Pod Loader V2 is definitely a product you need to have. Purchase it directly from us today, and load your pods faster than ever!

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