In-Depth: The Toughness of the HK Army Ball Breaker Barrel Cover

HK Army Ball Breaker Image

If you have been looking for an absurdly tough barrel cover, then friends, do we have the barrel cover for you! HK Army released an insanely tough barrel cover a little over a year ago, and take it from us: this thing could survive a nuclear winter (i.e. a typical winter day in Colorado). Now we know what you guys are thinking: it’s just another barrel cover. Fair point.

But it isn’t just another barrel cover. Rather, it very well could be the last barrel cover you ever need! We made a video for you guys in early 2013 to see just how tough the Ball Break actually was, so if you have a few minutes, check out our video and come back here after you’re done.

How crazy was that? How many other barrel covers are going to be able to withstand an entire hopper full of paint and still be fully intact? Not many. Furthermore, HK Army’s Ball Breaker barrel covers also clean up extremely nice – so much so that they look brand new even after unloading an entire hopper of paint into them! Again, how many other barrel covers perform at this level? It’s safe to say that the Ball Breaker stands in a class all its own.

The Ball Breaker is also nice and slim so you can fit it into your pocket without it bunching up and rubbing against your leg. That alone is worth the price of admission. No more uncomfortable barrel covers riding your leg inside of your pocket – rather, a nice sleek barrel cover that feels comfortable in your pocket.

Lastly, when taking the barrel cover on and off your barrel, you are going to be able to do so with ease. No longer do you have to yank the cover off your barrel as you do with barrel covers that have a weird, rubber grip. This one slides on and off easily without having to force the barrel in or out, and while it seems like a simple touch, it’s another feature that is unfortunately missing from a lot of barrel covers. HK Army thought of everything to make one of the most durable and convenient barrel covers on the market today.

You need the HK Army Ball Breaker in your life. Purchase one of the best barrel covers available today on your website. We have a ton of designs to choose from, so you will certainly find a cover that’s appealing to you!

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