In-Depth: Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro-Pneumatic Marker (Assault Edition)

Tippmann X7 Phenom Image

As if the Tippmann X7 Phenom couldn’t get any better (and believe us, it’s awesome in its own right), Tippmann also has another edition of the X7 Phenom that is even better. Known as the ‘Assault Edition,’ this version of the X7 Phenom gives you more bang for your buck at a slightly higher price. It’s worthy of your time, so let’s take a look at it and see everything that you get in this sweet special edition.

To begin, the Assault Edition comes with an assault sights kit that is even better than most sight kits already out there because the sights are taller. Thus, it’s simple to use them even with your mask on. The sights fold down out of the way and pop up easily whenever you need them.

Below the sights is the assault foregrip sporting siderails, giving you room for your gear directly on the marker. The Assault Edition also sports a M-16 curb mag that fits great, looks awesome, and makes the marker stand out from the rest.

Best part of all? The assault stock. Fully adjustable in length and easily foldable as well. When you need to fold the stock in those tight corners? Don’t worry: you can do so with the press of a button.

You get all of these awesome extras for only $50 additional dollars, meaning you’re crazy if you don’t jump on this deal.

To sum it all up:

  • All-metal trigger.
  • 9.5’’ high performance stone-honed barrel.
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum body.
  • Internal gasline with no cocking handle.
  • Pushpins make it easy to take the marker apart.
  • Magnetically activated hall effect electronics.
  • Cyclone Feed System will feed 20 BPS (without batteries!).
  • Air-thru stock compatibility.
  • Made in the good ol’ U S of A!

Need this special edition of the X7 Phenom in your life? We knew you did. Buy this sweet marker here via our website, and once you’re there? Check out our homepage here. Moreover, you can also watch the video version of our in-depth look here, and while you’re there? Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!

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