In-Depth: Are First Strike Rounds Dangerous?

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You have all heard the myth (or is it a myth?): First Strike rounds can damage your gear, they hurt, and they’re downright dangerous. There’s a stigma attached to First Strike rounds, and we have done our part to clear up the myth. Are First Strike rounds really dangerous? Are they perfectly safe to play with? Keep reading to find out.

Many players are afraid that First Strike rounds could potentially shatter their lens or another piece of equipment during play. With these rumors circulating, it’s certainly understandable why some players would be scared of them. After all, who wants to have a piece of a lens shoved into their eye while they’re trying to enjoy a nice round of paintball? Not I, and not you either. Moreover, who really wants to have to keep buying new equipment just because someone on your team feels the need to keep playing with First Strike rounds? Again, not I and not you.

Well, we’re here to tell you that the dangers of First Strike rounds is nothing more than a myth. During our experiment (which you can find here), we used 212 round magazines and shot them point blank on a single-pane, low end mask on full auto. The results? There was absolutely nothing wrong with the mask. No cracks, no breaking – nothing at all! In conclusion:

  • That guy that told you his mask broke from First Strike rounds? He’s full of it.
  • Your high-end equipment? It can withstand First Strike rounds, no problem.
  • Your fear of First Strike rounds? It’s in vain.
  • Should you use First Strike rounds? Yeah, go for it.

Debunking the myth of First Strike rounds is also a lesson in not believing everything you hear. The rumors you have heard about First Strike rounds are only that – rumors. We have proven those rumors are false as you can see in the video linked above, so go ahead and buy your own First Strike rounds! And if you want to buy some today? Head on over to our website and buy some of these sweet discounted Tiberius Arms First Strike paintball rounds – certain to revolutionize your game!

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