In-depth: Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel

Fibur-X Image

You know what I hate? Having to buy yet another expensive barrel kit whenever I switch from one type of thread to another. It has always been a pain in my ass – so much so it has kept me from switching from a type of thread on more than one occasion. Alas, I wish I had something like the Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel (with interchangeable threads) to pick from during those times, as it would have made my life a whole lot simpler (and kept my wallet a little more fatter).

So what is the Fibur-X barrel? It’s a badass, yet what makes it so badass? We’re happy to fill you in on the info. Brought to you by Deadly X, the Fibur-X barrel uses Freak inserts. Before using, slide the Freak inserts inside of the barrel then pick up your interchangeable thread adapter of choice. You read it right folks – interchangeable thread adapter. Quality barrel kits do not get more convenient nor simpler than this. Tighten the adapter down using the proper threads for your marker, and there you have it fellas: an awesome barrel sporting a Freak insert designed to work with markers of different thread types!

And if you want to use the Fibur-X barrel with a marker that sports different threads? Just buy another thread adapter and you’re ready to go! A legitimate universal barrel kit, it’s hard to complain about anything related to the Fibur-X barrel.

So tough Conan the Barbarian would use one yet so lightweight your pet canary may be able to pick it up and fly away with it, the Fibur-X barrel is one of the most versatile markers you can buy. Complete with an awesome price (starting at $95.00 on our website) in addition to Deadlywind’s awesome customer service, you need this barrel:

  • Ridiculously lightweight.
  • Makes awesome use of thread adapters of your choice and Freak inserts.
  • 2×2 satin twill external.
  • So many more features it’s ridiculous.

A ridiculous carbon fiber barrel kit that will pass along ridiculous savings, you need to be using the Fibur-X barrel if you are constantly switching from one thread to another. We have these for sale at a competitive rate, so check us out today and buy one of the most versatile barrels currently on the market!

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