Customer Service, I repeat CUSTOMER service.

Customer Service…

Don’t you think the paintball world could use a heck of a lot more than it currently has? Let’s be honest here, most places in the industry (especially in retail) do not take this part of their business seriously. That is where Hustle Paintball’s mission has come from. We, as players & consumers, were so tired of being dicked around by someone who doesn’t even know what metal most markers are made from (some “expert”), that we decided to take being an online paintball store to the next level.


We may be an online store (yes, the evil empire, hated by all), but what we do as an online retailer is provide a level of customer service unparalleled in the industry, so much so that we strive for your online visit to be much more like if you were to visit us in person. We do this by trying to personalize any shopping experience you have with one of us. Either by phone or email, we put all our effort into getting you what you want, exactly the way you want it.

I am sure a lot of you have a local store of some kind that you shop at. Not just because you want to support local business and the store is a hop down the street from your jammies and cereal bowl; but because that store provides you a service.

Yeah, we have a local Colorado showroom as well :).

They have your back 100% of the way and understand that when you have an issue, it needs to be taken care of. But guess what? It doesn’t matter if you are in any one of the 50 states of the  United States of America or beyond. Hustle Paintball is that store! Hustle Paintball has your back, and that is what really counts. Our mission is to take care of you when something happens so that you do not need to worry when placing an order with us.

There is something to be said about having a staff that is 100% comprised of people who have an actual care about what is going on in the industry. You seem to get a level of care and respect that is nonexistent when you work with someone who just has no passion for it. We all have our own opinions on what we like and what we like to do, but not a single one of us is going to bash on you for your choices or try to make you feel less for any purchase you have made.

We are here to help; THAT is what we love to do. We are not here to sell you what will bring us the highest profit margin – when you want something, we will tell you what is our favorite. We will tell you which is our favorite in which price range as well. To me, the experience we bring is like when you walk into a decently run Cold Stone Creamery.

It’s kind of like that.

If you have no clue what ice cream, size, or toppings you want mixed in; the person behind the counter is typically very happy to go over all of the choices and different flavor combinations they have tried and like themselves.

We are here to educate, explain and give our personal ideas and opinions. We are NOT here to TELL you what and how to buy. I am not writing this to toot our own horn, but as a business it is important to know what it is that you do that sets you apart. We are different from every single other online paintball retailer, and in a lot of cases, local shops as well because the level of care that we provide is 100%.

I kid you not. We recently had a customer call us and tell us that they did not get every item they ordered. Here is the thing, I pulled and packed the order, and it was double checked by both Ethan and Jeff. We take shipping out orders extremely seriously as we ourselves hate getting things incorrectly. We ordered these items specifically for the customer, and inventory was 100% spot on. The “missing” items most definitely were in the box when it left the warehouse. Not a single one of us was concerned on if this was an honest issue, or something a little more sinister. It doesn’t matter. Our job was to make sure the customer got his product, and so we have. We call this “investing in our future” – who in the heck cares if someone was telling the truth, or lost it themselves or what have you. Our #1 concern is YOU, the customer being satisfied with your order and with us. If we ensure that, you are much more likely to order with us in the future.

Start making a statement to the other companies (you know who they are) If you do not want to deal with stress, or have things blamed on you. You know where to shop.

Thank you for reading, we have a lot of passion and love for what we do, and if we didn’t – we wouldn’t.

Thanks for having us be a part of your wedding Dominic!


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