Creating Your Own Paintball Team


Are you looking to start your own paintball team for the New Year?  If so, then you have come to the right place.  In this blog post, we are going to teach you how to put together and run an effective paintball team.  Before you start rounding people up, set goals and foundations for your team so that you fully understand where you hope to see yourself in the coming years.  Some of the questions you will need to consider include:

  • Would you be interested in becoming a top NPPL team in the coming years?
  • Are you wanting to go pro?
  • Or are you hoping to just have a good time with your buddies and play in some local tournaments here and there?

After you have figured out and set these goals, begin searching out people to join.  Teams can be any size, with any amount of people on them.  Some teams only consist of two people, to whereas other teams have 12 to 15 players on them.  The sky is the limit!  Every team has different focuses and dreams to aim for.  So, as you can see, starting your own team is a little bit more than just gathering a few guys and hitting the field.  Below are some pointers for you to consider as well.

Building a Tournament Team

One of the most important elements for building a tournament based team is to have a roster filled with people who are dedicated and ready to play.  For now, try not to think about skill and how well your team members will do, just build a good and effective roster.  As you practice and play, you will begin to see growth and skill levels to increase.

As the captain, it is your responsibility to round up the team players.  Also, you are the one responsible for telling players about practices and drills that you hope to do prior to any tournament.  Since you will be spending a lot of time with these people, be sure to choose teammates that you will enjoy playing with and being around – this is key!

Types of Tournaments

Tournaments come in all sizes and types, and they can be found at nearly every paintball field out there.  3 and 5-man games are the most common for rookie level events, so this is a great place to start if your team is new to the world of paintball.  Be sure to check the Internet for dates and locations, as well as rules and regulations.  Some tournaments, if not all, will require an entry fee and may or may not include a prize, depending on the competition and the amount of money in the “pot”.  Depending on the size of you roster, you will need to figure out what type of tournament you would like to enter in.  Also consider your team’s budget and skill level.

To begin with, we suggest that you start with the cheaper tournaments just to try things out.  As you progress, you will find that your skill level will increase, as will the fun associated with the tournament.  Not to mention, the less competitive tournaments are great for practicing and give your teammates some valuable experience.


Once you have decided on a tournament to enter your team into, it is time to hit the practice field.  You will want to gage the amount of practice you do on the following factors:

  • How much time you have before the tournament
  • How many players you have that can make it to practices

    Practice Makes Perfect!

    Practice Makes Perfect!

  • How much money
  • And the location of your practice

It is a good rule of thumb to allow at least 2 or 3 practices prior to a tournament, if not more.  Making practices a priority will help to keep the full team working together and practicing together.  Half-assed practices just aren’t as effective and leave the more dedicated players with a disadvantage.  Make it known to all the players how important it is to be at each practice.

While practicing, you will want to set up a tournament like playing field to help your players get an idea of what is to come.  You can begin by walking the field and setting up strategies as to where you would like the players to be during the game.  Create these game plans and share them with the other team members.  Some game plan elements may include working on communication, trying to keep everyone alive, and whatever else your tournament goals may be.  After the tournament, be sure to discuss with your fellow teammates what worked and what did not so that you can prepare for upcoming games.

Make Your Team…A TEAM!

What we mean by this is that you want to make your players feel like they are truly a part of a team.  Many paintball teams will purchase matching jerseys or shirts while they play.  You can ask local companies to sponsor your team to help afford these clothing items.

Most importantly, as a team, it is important to always remember to act with integrity and professionalism.  Yes, losing hurts, trust us, we know!  But it is a part of the game.  Brush off mistakes and forgive teammates if they make any mistakes out on the field.  We are all here to have fun, so why make it any different?

Have you created your own paintball team?  If so, share your experience with us below!

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