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I’d really like to take another good company picture and get it framed and hung up. It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve taken a legit one that we all really like. It’s important to me to see the progression and different faces as the years go by – good memories, you know? Even if someone ends up getting fired or leaves, seeing them in the picture doesn’t sour it at all. I rather enjoy some of our older pictures, even though I’m the only person in them who’s still left (or maybe Trevor, too)!

2010 Staff

2010 Staff

Part of what makes the photos so enjoyable is that we’re not just standing in front of a wall, or someone’s office and “smiling,” but rather, doing something a bit funny, slightly creative, and mostly, memorable (well, except for the picture above – that one is fairly standard). I’ve thought about ripping off the Red Hot Chili Peppers and doing a naked picture (with socks strategically worn to preserve a PG-13 rating) and masks on… but who wants to see that? It’d have to be a picture for the office only, not for the showroom or internet 😉 Then of course we could rip off the Beatles and do an  “Abbey Road” picture (maybe a Beatles/Red Hot Chili Peppers combo?). We also get on the Hi-Lift and take a picture in front of the Hustle Paintball sign outside of our building…

Partly joking, partly serious, I’m curious about what you all think we should do (yes, we do have railroad tracks nearby for a stereotypically trashy “we’re badasses on railroad tracks” picture). The time is approaching, quite soon, so throw down! What kind of company picture(s) should we take?

5 thoughts on “Company Photo

  1. I got a horde of professional photographers if you want something really nice. Let me know.

  2. Company “Breakout” Shot out the front door, a shot of everyone holding an object to symbolize office inside jokes, human pyramid, everyone blended in/painted to match their surrounding background. (even better when it’s in the office)

  3. I realize I’m a bit late to this conversation… but I think you should do a “Charlie’s Angels” like pic except with paintball guns.

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