How To Communicate on the Paintball Field

On the paintball field, there are several skills you will need to master, one of which includes communicating with your fellow teammates.  Communication on the field will include verbal, hand signals, and sometimes radio communication.    When playing it is important to try to verbally communicate as much as possibly because it is a quicker means of getting necessary information out to all of your team members.  After you have verbally communicated, hand signals are great because they can be very subtle and might be undetected by the opposing team.  As for a radio, this type of communication should only fourbe used for long distance communication, or for so-called “emergencies”.

In this article we will go into detail each form of paintball communication and possibly provide insights that you and your teammates can practice on and off of the playing field.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication, as mentioned above, is one of the most crucial and helpful modes of getting the information you need across to all of your teammates.  There are several tips that you will need to remember when verbally communication on the field.

First, if you are a distance away, possibly 10 feet away, you will need to yell; and yell LOUD!  Your teammates are relying on you to be clear and loud enough for them to hear.  And as you may know, a paintball field can be rather loud with people playing, shooting and yelling.  Any information that you have that needs to get to others, be sure it does – scream if you have to.

Communication needs to be straight to the point.  You don’t want to be standing around giving instruction or tips to your fellow teammates the whole game.  Use code words that they will understand and that provide action.

Hand Signals

Keep hand signals simple, and make sure that all of your teammates know what they are for.  It doesn’t do you or your team any good if you are throwing out a “FREEZE!” sign if they don’t know what that means.

Some good hand signals to incorporate include:signals

  • Freeze!
  • Take Cover
  • “I see…”
  • “I hear…”
  • Use fingers to identify numbers
  • Use signals to point out enemies
  • “let’s go”

Radio Communication

When communicating through the radio there are several things to keep in mind for it to be effective.  First, be sure that you are speaking in a clear and concise voice.  Try to avoid yelling, because more than likely, the people on the other end aren’t going to understand you and the enemy will be able to hear and locate your teammates.  You want to try to minimize the use of radio communication because it can be loud and lacks the ability to convey a lot of what you want to communicate about.

Final Thoughts

So, when you are communicating with your fellow teammates on the playing field, be aware of some of the tips and tricks for communicating effectively.  While playing or in a tournament, how do you communicate with other team players?  What hand signals do you use and do you practice them before playing?  Leave your comments below!

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