HK Army KLR Mask Review

HK Army teased the release of the KLR goggles at World Cup 2013 and we just saw them again at Paintball Extravaganza 2014 a few weeks ago. They are available for pre-order right now and they should be shipping out very soon.28490112-0-1

The KLR spent four years in the development stage with HK Army consistently claiming that they would be the “most technically advanced goggle system ever released in the sport of paintball.” When it comes to style, visual appeal, and customization, HK Army’s innovative claims might be right. The KLR has a sleek profile and list of customization features that dominate other goggles on the market right now.

PVT Lock System

HK Army’s PVT Lock System is the soul of the new mask. The KLR is the first goggle system designed to incorporate a completely interchangeable lens, strap, and hinge that can be easily switched out and customized in seconds. HK’s patent-pending PVT lock is easy to use. To switch out the lens you simply unclip the strap, open the strap-retained PVT lock hinges, replace the lens and clip the PVT lock hinges back in place.

One of the best elements of the PVT lock system is color and lens customization. There are 10 total lens options for every situation, 15 different strap colors, and 16 PVT lock color options. Between the different color straps, masks, hinges and lenses you can create over 15,000 unique combinations. Aesthetically, the KLR is one of the most advanced goggles we have seen.

3D Memory Foam

The foam system HK uses contains the layers. At the base of the mask is a high-density SBR memory foam designed to absorb impacts. This is where most goggle systems stop. On top of this foam layer, is an open-cell EVA foam that matches the contours of the user, improving overall fit. Both layers are covered by the third layer—a velvet microfiber liner engineered to absorb sweat and insulate to prevent fogging. The foam system is

The EVA form earpiece (KLR soft-ear) helps protect the outer and inner ear from impacts and mask abrasion. Other mask systems have attempted to integrate earpiece foam into their designs, but the KLR is one of the only goggles that does it while maintaining a high level of comfort and a low profile.

Additional Features

Customization is where the HK KLR goggle system shines, but all of the other features you would expect are still there. The lenses are made of a dual-paned UV and infrared shielded composite (they block wavelengths of light that cause eye damage and provide glare resistance). The overmolded face shield is a dual density thermoplastic elastomer (a fancy name for rubberized plastic). A complex ventilation system promotes breathability and the overall design offers a wide freedom of movement.

The KLR is a well designed mask that HK Army spend years developing. At just under $125 for basic colors, it is a little expensive. In our opinion, it’s totally worth it. There aren’t many masks on the market that can match the KLR’s customization options, comfort and style. Pre-order yours now because once your see these in action you’re going to order it anyway.

Review of the C2 Eyon Mask

Everyone is talking about the C2 Eyon. Tiberius Arms acknowledges that the Eyon is strikingly similar to Angel Eyes but insists that this is new mask. They are definitely downplaying the Angel Eyes pedigree. When Tiberius Arms acquired Guerilla Air, the original developers of Angel Eyes approached them with the idea of creating the Eyon. One of the obvious challenges was to improve on the Angel Eyes design—one that many people loved, but was unable to pass ASTM testing.

We got to see the C2 Eyon mask at Paintball Extravaganza 2014 and they are definitely impressive. Let’s take an in-depth look at the C2.

The entire Tiberius Arms C2 lineup is going to focus on close quarters, speedball, and cross over products. Creating a full wrap around view is where they started with the Eyon. When you put the mask on, you definitely get a full unobstructed field of view that is essential for fast-action play.

Cross over products need adaptability. It’s a new trend that we are seeing as different play styles, scenario situations, and rules develop. The C2 Eyon includes an easily removable lens. Taking the lens off is a “snap.” You fold the lens tabs 90 degrees and it slides right out. Lens adaptability and ease make cleaning simple, but also make it easy to switch play styles quickly. Switching lenses between a bright speedball match with a ton of glare potential to a dimly lit woodsball game is a breeze.

We didn’t get the opportunity to fully test the anti-fog properties of the C2 Eyon, but Tiberius Arms claims that they don’t fog up. The full thermal system is designed to ventilate properly and a lens coating helps avert the buildup of distracting moisture.

They are a comfortable set of goggles and completely customizable. One of the features we love is the lack of foam covering the noise bridge. This improves breathing dramatically and also reduces voice muffle that some masks are notorious for. The rest of the foam padding is fully customizable. You can move it around to improve comfort or replace it with a different density foam.

Tiberius says that the C2 Eyon mask is “revolutionary.” We aren’t so sure they are—they strike an uncanny resemblance to Angel Eyes, not to mention the same developers worked on the project. What they do offer is safety that Angel Eyes couldn’t.

The original Angel Eyes could not pass ASTM testing. Working with the developers, Tiberius Arms discovered that the shape, angle, and thickness of the lenses was at fault. As a result, the lens shape toward the back of the lens was altered and thickness was increased. The result is a mask that can pass ASTM testing.

We are excited about the C2 Eyon mask. They offer improved safety, excellent comfort, and the adaptability needed in today’s fast-moving paintball world. With so much talk surrounding the C2 Eyon and their similarity to Angel Eyes, orders should come in fast. Be sure to check out our ongoing pre-order.

First Look at the Tippmann Mag Fed Conversion Kit

We got to check out two exciting new Tippmann products at the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza. The first was Tippmann’s latest mag fed marker, the Tippmann TCR. The other was the Tippmann 98 Custom Mag Fed Conversion Kit which turns the classic Model 98 Custom into a mag fed marker with a 7, 12, or 20 ball magazine capacity. Check out our video where Kevin explains the adapter’s features.

Other manufacturers have made off-brand Tippmann conversion kits that are similar. This one is the real deal—guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all 98 custom, US Army, and TPN markers that utilize the 98 quick-release feed elbow. The conversion kit will ship with two 7-ball Tru-Feed magazines. Tru-feed 12-ball extended magazines and the 20-round Zetamag will also fit the adapter.

You don’t need to make any permanent marker modifications. The Tippmann conversion kit is designed to use the same fasteners as the standard Tippmann 98 quick release feed elbow. It takes seconds to install and it’s easy to switch back and forth between hopper and magazine fed paintball.

The Tru-Feed magazines are identical to the ones that come with the Tippmann TPS Pistol. They utalize a low tension spring system that allows you to use a wider variety of paint compared to other magazines. We’ve had good experience with Tru-Feed magazines. Lower tension springs are less likely to damage paint on hot and humid days.

This is an exciting product for anyone who wants to get in on the mag fed craze without spending a fortune on a new marker. Just about everyone has a Tippmann Model 98—or at least knows someone who owns one. It will definitely get more people into magazine fed paintball.

The Tippmann mag fed conversion kit will be on sale in May for under $50. Be use to check out our website when the time comes to order yours.

First Impressions Review: Milsig M17 Paintball Gun

The eagerly anticipated Milsig M17 didn’t merely meet my expectations, it shattered them. I’ve been waiting for something like this from Milsig. The minute you see this marker, you will NEED to have it in your arsenal.  Save yourself some time—stop reading this review and pre-order it right now, it is seriously that good.

We got our hands on the whole line-up of new M17 markers at the Paintball Extravaganza just a few days ago. They are hard to put down. Check out the video:

High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT)

You might already be familiar with Milsig’s new valve system to replace the  ”blow-back” valve you see on Tippman-style markers. Just in case you don’t know about it, here is a quick run-down. Traditionally, “blow-back” valves are durable, simple, and easy to maintain. The problem? They completely suck away efficiency.

That’s where the Milsig’s “High Efficiency Air Technology” or “HEAT” core comes in. The Heat core is a “blow-forward” style spool valve that gets rid of the cocking arm. In theory and practice, the Heat core is easier to maintain, more reliable and more consistent than the old “blow-back” style valves.

Milsig claims impressive accuracy improvements due to the heat core—as little as +/- 2 fps. Because accuracy is all about consistency, you need a “blow-foward” style valve if you  want to impress with marksmanship skills.

Mechanical Full Auto

No batteries, no electronics, just mechanical fully automatic firing. This is where the Milsig M17 is making the most waves. Combined with the Heat core, the mechanical full auto puts the M17 on a different level. There are no electronics to break. No batteries to replace. It’s completely awesome.

Mechanical full auto and the Heat core make regular maintenance easy. There are only five O-rings in the whole marker and you only need to service two of them regularly. You get to the internals by removing just two pins.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and there are no hassles.

Additional Features and Function

The coolest part about this marker for me is the new grip design. You can attach any standard AR-15 grips to the marker, offering a virtually unlimited array of possibilities.The AR-15 style cocking handle is pretty sweet too—they only needed to add it so you could clear a jam. With the First Strike ready 18 round magazine, it looks badass right out of the box.

Three Models


The Milsig M17 CQC is under $300. Designed to replace the CQB PRO, it comes in at a low price but packs a huge punch. For me, it’s the ultimate close quarters marker. Lightweight, durable, a high quality construction and feel—it’s perfect for rushing in fast and getting out quick. With the short barrel, it looks just like a classic SMG.


The M17 XDC is around twice the price of the CQC, but it has the ability to do it all. It comes with a machined receiver and foregrip and the mid-length Marksman Rifled Barrel System. This is the best all-around marker in the lineup.


The M17 DMR tops off the lineup. It was developed for long range engagements. As a completely dedicated sniper platform, it includes the Milsig 400mm FSR Marksman barrel. The price is higher, but you will find very few out of the box sniper markers that are better.

The only downside that I can see to the Milsig M17 is first, which one should I buy? And second, I am not going to be alone because everyone is going to order one.

CBTC #2 – MaXXed, Thrasher V3s, Gearbags, & Pooty’s new Super Carbon Light Barrel systems

On this counter, Erik goes over Proto’s new PMR, the Maxxed! He also thoroughly compares Planet gearbags and Dye gearbags – what’s best for you?
We also quickly show off Pooty’s new barrel system. Check the link below!
Russell also hops in and talks about some of his favorite pants, The Exalt Thrashers!

Planet Eclipse 2013 Classic Kit Bag

The Eclipse Classic Kitbag has two compartments; the main compartment is big enough to cram in loads of gear and also has some handy large internal zip pockets and a clear Planet Eclipse 2013 Classic Kit Bagdocument holder. A water resistant lining makes removing paint and dirt a touch easier. The side compartment is great for keeping your clean gear separate from your dirty stuff or just fill it with more dirty stuff! Your choice.

Protect your gear from opportunist thieves! The Eclipse Bag Lock System allows you to pass a combination lock cable (not supplied) through the specially designed guide holes on the side of the bag, this then feeds through the trigger frame of your Paintball Marker on the inside of your Kitbag and back out so you can secure the cable to a fixed or heavy object, now no-one can lift your Paintball Marker from inside or tow your kitbag, sweet!


  • Robust Rails and Wheel Set
  • Eva Formed Protective Lid
  • Luggage ID Pocket
  • Plate Finished Zips
  • Retractable Pull Handle
  • Vented and Water Resistant Lined Compartments
  • Internal Document Holder and Zip Pockets
  • Soft Touch Handles
  • Unique Bag Lock Functionality

Dye Precision Resister 1.50 S Gear Bag

If you’re the type of hardcore baller who throws your gear in a bag after practice, and you don’t touch it again until the next time you’re at the field, the Resister was made for you. It has three compartments, and the main section is massive. The Resister is the first thermal lined bag, boasting the first water-resistant exterior and interior. The Resister’s design keeps your gear cool on hot summer days, and stops your collected sweat from dye precision resister 1.50s gear bagfermenting when the sun heats it up. When your gear has gone past the acceptable level of funk, you can empty it, wash it down inside and out, let it dry, and start the fungus culture experiment all over again. Made with the same durable construction as the rest of the Dye Dry line, you won’t have to worry about wear. It also features a front internal thermal compartment for your goggles (which also doubles as a cooler for cold ones after your victory), as well as plenty of space for the rest of your hard and soft gear.


The Hustle Reload #54 – Updates! Updates! and more Updates!

There is so much to catch you guys up on here at Hustle Paintball!  This week’s Hustle Reload is all about the updates, updates and more updates!

This week was pretty straight forward.. All work with very little play.
We talk about a few things that are up and coming and talk about a few things that y’all have been asking us.
Oh yeah, we also rip on Caleb for a few minute.
Double oh yeah, RUBY WEARS SHORTS. Chris’s daisy dukes to be specific!

Make Your Own Paintball Field

So you want to hold your own mini paintball tournament, but where do you start?  There are several things you can do to create your own paintball field.  In this article we will be discussing and providing an overview of some of the simple steps you will need to take to make and open your own paintball field!

  1. Find a Place - This is obvious, but you really do have to find a big enough location that fits all of your basic needs.  Your field can be a huge open field, a long and narrow patch of land or whatever you want it to be.  There are no guidelines, just that it is a field you would like to play on.  Just be careful – don’t just go out and find a random location and “dub” it as your paintball field.  If it will be on your own field1property, then great!  But make sure you are not stomping on somebody else’s private property.
  2. Make Some Bunkers - A paintball field isn’t a paintball field without plenty of bunkers to play with.  You can literally use anything you find around the house to use as bunkers: trash cans, outdoor lawn furniture, moving boxes, and even mattresses.  Anything you find around the house can be created into a bunker and snake.
  3. Get Your Paintball Gear Ready - If you do not already have one, you need some basic paintball gear.  This includes a paintball gun, paintballs, protective gear, a CO2 tank (if necessary) and anything else you might think of!  If you would like to purchase some paintball items, be sure to visit our website at for all the best and lowest prices in the paintball industry!
  4. Invite Friends - Now that you have your paintball field all set up, you have all the necessary gear and items, invite some friends over to have some fun!  Play on teams and you can even start your very own tournament right in your back yard (or on the field you decided on).  Whatever you do, just simply have fun!

How about you?  Have you ever set up your own paintball field or hosted your very own tournament?  If so, share your stories and tips for starting your own paintball field.  We would love to hear from you!

Hustle Shorts: Anomaly LV1

Are you depressed?  Need something to make you perky and happy, all tingly inside?!  Boy do we have a solution for you!  ANOMALY LV1!!!!!

Check out what Planet Eclipse has to say about their Ego LV1 Paintball Guns:

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 is the first new tournament marker from Eclipse since they introduced the Geo back in 2009.  The idea behind this particular paintball gun is that it expresses Eclipse’s passion, performance and quality all wrapped up in one.  Every aspect of this gun is superior, lacking no flaws that we can find!  Planet Eclipse truly pursued perfection and made it a reality for us paintball lovers.

Although we have covered this paintball gun before, it’s important to stress some of the features and why this marker will make you the happiest you have ever been in your entire life!  Below are some of the features:

  • Unique Lever Valve Mechanism
  • Zick3 Rammer System
  • Heavy and Light Zick3 Rammer Included
  • Cure5 Bolt
  • Internal LPR
  • SL4 Inline Regulator
  • AT Pipe Gas Transfer System
  • High Flow Onion Valve
  • Shielded Valve Spring
  • 40% Larger Valve Chamber
  • 65-80psi LPR Pressure
  • 120-135psi Inline Pressure
  • Contoured Grip and Console
  • HiGrip Foregrip and Body SleevePlanet Eclipse 2013 Ego LV1 Paintball Gun Poison IV
  • Adjustable Direct Acting Solenoid Valve
  • Dual Rammer Speed Controls
  • Tool-less Bolt, Rammer and Valve Removal
  • 14.5″ Shaft4 Barrel with 0.689″ Back
  • Infra-Red Break Beam Eyes
  • Replaceable Transflective Graphic LCD Module
  • Adjustable Tru-Colour RGB LCD Backlite
  • 16-Bit Microprocessor – 16 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
  • Improved Solenoid Drive Circuitry for increased Velocity Consistency
  • Menu Driven User Interface
  • Ultra-Lightweight, Single Billet 3D Machined Body (Machined in the UK)
  • Deftek Offset Feed Tube
  • Clamping Feed with Sprocket Wheel Adjustment
  • Integrated Rammer Housing
  • Integrated FRM
  • Offset Bores
  • Micro-Switch and Opto Sensor Trigger Activation
  • Dual Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
  • Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Magnetic and Spring Trigger
  • Integrated Audible Sounding Device
  • Ramping and Semi-Auto Modes
  • Compliant with Regulations of all Major Paintball Leagues
  • E-Portal Compatible
  • Assembled and Tested at Planet Eclipse HQ in the UK

If you would like to learn more about these paintball guns, feel free to check out this YouTube video produced by Hustle Paintball:

Hustle Shorts: Tech Mats

Are you like Erik Cromer? Frustrated about dropping and losing pieces to your paintball gear? Well Tony has an amazing solution!!!

Keep all of your parts safe and in place with this Planet Eclipse Tech Flex Mat!  When fixing your marker, this mat is a must.  It is extremely durable AND flexible to meet all of your needs.  Check it out – you know you want one!

Planet Eclipse Tech Flex Mat









Need a review?  Here you go…

Dye Assault Matrix Mag-Fed Paintball Marker Review

The Dye Assault was announced shortly before World Cup 2012, and oh man, did it make some waves. It wasn’t the first mag-fed marker on the market, not the first one to be able to shoot First Strike rounds…. it wasn’t even the one that did Full-Auto First Strike rounds first. But it was the one that did it all, first.Dye Paintball Assault Matrix Gun

We launch full auto first strike ropes at targets, we destroy everything we’re shooting at, and we do it all using inexpensive magazines, not powerhouse $40+ mags that you’d hate to lose… It’s time to take mag-fed to a whole new level, with the Dye Assault Matrix.

If you are interested in purchasing your very own Dye Paintball Assault Matrix Marker, then follow the link provided here.

If you are a tactical paintball player, then the Dye Assault Matrix was made just for you!  This marker provides you with the performance of a high-end tournament marker, and the aesthetics and features that all tactical players need to really kick some true butt on the battlefield.

What we love most about this amazing marker is that you can switch from a Magazine Fed system to a Loader Fed system with a simple flip of a switch.  It’s that easy.  In addition to that, this marker has some amazing features that you wont want to miss out on:

  • Mag Feed - The DAM comes magazine feed ready. Ambidextrous magazine release for right and left handed users makes reloading a snap and allows you to keep an extremely low profile, even when reloading. All Dye magazines are First Strike round ready and waiting to deliver each shot just like a real firearm. Leave the accuracy-by-volume to the trigger monkeys and do it like the big boys. One shot, one kill.
  • On The Fly System - Be the most versatile player on the field with the all new OTF system. Combined with the rotating eye pipe gearing, this system allows the operator of the DAM unprecedented options for loading capabilities. With the slide of the OTF switch, the operator can seamlessly move from traditional hopper fed, to magazine Dye Paintball Assault Matrix Markerfed loading, and back again at a moments notice. Use your shaped projectile rounds when you need precise shots and go back to regular paint when volume is necessary.
  • Quick Release Bolt - The quick release bolt system is a feature on the DAM that incorporates magnets within the knurled back cap. These magnets allow for the back cap to extend and give you enough surface area to grip the bolt and unscrew it by hand. This makes maintenance of your bolt easier than ever before.
  • Inline Hyper Regulator - The all new In-Line regulator is based on the proven Hyper line of regulators and improves on it with the easiest access and simplest break down of any gun Dye has made. With the Quick Release Bolt any operator can toollessly access their bolt and regulator in one simplified assembly. Now all parts that require standard maintenance are accessed with 2 turns. With velocity adjustment accessible through the back cap, we’ve moved the regulator out of the way for that real military look and operation.
  • Rotating Eyepipe - The Eye Pipe, patent pending, internal design houses multiple critical systems that ensure worry free performance. The polycarbonate pipe shields the self-cleaning anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint, ensuring the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop. The seamless pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle. The Eye Pipe system also eliminates miss feeds and double feeding. In addition it eliminates external eye plates and the potential of stripped or corroded eye plate mounting screws.
  • Fire Selector - With the push of a button the DAM can switch from Semi Auto to Three Round Burst to Fully Automatic, or if you want to get fancy you can even program specific firing modes that cater to your style of play. All changes can be done with your gun fully assembled, even mid-game. A board lockout can be implemented to get you on the tournament field or any firing mode-restricted areas. Precision or volume, just a button away.
  • Removable Lockdown Clamping Feedneck - The DAM comes standard with a feedneck Cover Plate that can replace the feedneck assembly giving the operator an unbroken top Picatinny Rail compatible with all standard military optics. Reduces your profile and gives your DAM the most realistic look and feel. It also comes with an adjustable cam lock feedneck allows you to securely lock you loader onto your gun without tools. DYE’s cam lock feed neck sits low and tight on the marker making sure your loader stays low profile with the rest of your gear.
  • Competition Grade Trigger - Based on a custom design by Youngblood himself, the DAM’s trigger incorporates vertical ridges and an extra wide face, used by top firearms competition shooters. This design ensures steady trigger feel even in the most adverse conditions with or without gloves. Customizable forward and backward travel with spring tension adjustment create the perfect pull.
  • Modular Rail Shroud - The two interchangeable shroud sections and front cap allow the operator to reconfigure the DAM for any style of play. With all shroud sections installed, the DAM has over 2 Feet of standard Picatinny rails. All side and bottom rails are removable and interchangeable. Picatinny rails are standard for fire arms and will allow attachment of any standard optics, grips, etc.
  • Tactical Sticky Grips - With even easier Toolless access to the battery and extra thick ergonomic design, this all new grip improves on every aspect of these top-of-their class grips.

If you would like to watch more on the Assault Matrix, check out this clip we did for an efficiency test!