Half-Life: Unforeseen Consequences: Rise and Shine, Mr. Freeman

g man hl2

Rise, and, shine.

With the Citadel destroyed, the Combine is working to open a superportal to call in reinforcements and enslave humanity once again. Combine Advisor pods are being scattered throughout the region, and due to the destruction of the Citadel, Dr. Kleiner explains that a portal and communications blackout has occurred on Earth-stationed Combine forces, thus leaving them disorganized, isolated, and most importantly – vulnerable.

At White Forest Base, a Combine distress signal is detected in the vicinity. It possibly means that one of the Advisors that fled from the Citadel are still nearby. Thus, a small group of misfits is sent to recover – or perhaps even destroy – the lone Advisor.

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Review: Tippmann A5 – Perfect For Beginners!

Tippmann A5

If you are trying to find the perfect marker for beginning paintball players, then we urge you to strongly consider the Tippmann A5. Since the marker was launched way back in 2002, the Tippmann A5 has proven to be one of the premier markers on the scene. What makes it so special? Keep reading to find out for yourself!

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In-depth: Getting to Know Your Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Marker

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Image

Thinking about buying your very own Geo 3.5 marker? It’s a great investment – especially if you are serious about tournament play. Even so, it’s also a suitable marker for woodsball and speedball. If you have the cash and want the best, take it from us: it’s hard to go wrong with the Geo 3.5 marker. Below is everything you need to know about the Geo 3.5 marker before you make your big purchase.

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Review: I.V. Core Bolt Upgrade Kit

I.V. Core Bolt image

Peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter and chocolate. Batman and Robin. Hulk Hogan and steroids. There are some things that naturally fit together. Planet Eclipse’s line of Geo markers and the new I.V. Core bolt are no different. Fitting the original Geo to the newest Geo marker, the phenomenal Geo 3.5, this new drive system will help you to get more shots out of your Geo marker every single time. But is it worth $169.95? Read our review to find out!

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Review: Trinity “Tac Cap” Cyclone Feed Adapter

Trinity “Tac Cap” Cyclone Feed Adapter

Do you have a Tippmann Cyclone feeder on your marker? Do you wish that you could lower the marker’s profile? Well now you can with the Trinity “Tac Cap” Cyclone Feed Adapter. It has the potential to be one of the coolest upgrades for your Tippmann A5, X7, or of course another marker that has the Cyclone Feed System upgrade added to the marker. Yet, is it worthy of a purchase? Find out in our review below!

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Review: Metadyne Industries Folding Skeleton Stock (Tippmann A5)

Metadyne Industries Folding Skeleton Stock

Originally used with the AK family of guns, Metadyne Industries’ Folding Skeleton Stock is beginning to be manufactured on a ton of American assault rifles, including the M4. Constructed of durable yet lightweight aircraft aluminum, this is one sweet folding skeleton stock for your Tippmann A5. But is it worth buying for yourself? Find out below!

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Review: Gen X Global Chest Protector

Gen X Global Chest Protector image

Need to protect your chest while playing paintball? It isn’t just a good idea for our female readers – it’s a good idea for all! Take it from me: getting shot in the man breast hurts (hurts!). Ever felt cracked skin on your nipple? You don’t wanna. That’s where Gen X’s Global Chest Protector comes into play. Designed to protect those precious fun pieces, your stomach, and back alike, it could make the difference between staying in the game or lying on the ground crying because you can’t feel your ta ta’s. But is it worthy of a purchase, or should you look elsewhere for a chest protector? Read our review to find out!

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Review: Milsig Lightweight Scope Mount Riser Rail

Milsig Lightweight Scope Mount Riser Rail

Are you tired of looking down a scope that’s a little too low? We feel you: not all scopes are created equal. Sometimes, you just want to use a scope that’s a little higher and a little more comfortable. If you’re in this predicament, then do we have the solution for you! Read our review below of the Milsig Lightweight Scope Mount Riser Rail, and discover why we truly believe that this oldie but goodie riser rail is worth the investment!

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