Overview: Tank Covers

exalt tank cover

If you’re going to have a good marker for paintball, it really helps to have the right gas tank. Whether your choice is an HPA compressed air tank or a CO2 model, a built in regulator, or even a remote line, having the right kind of tank can help your marker shoot at it’s highest possible levels. With an aftermarket paintball tank cover, however, your tank can improve your paintball game even further, both by giving you a sticky grip surface to balance against your body, as well as added protection from all the natural bumps and scratches that come with a good game of paintball. If you want to see our full video buying guide, you can check it out Here.

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Review: Exalt Paintball Pod Swab

exalt pod swab

Getting broken paintballs anywhere can really affect your paintball game. A broken ball in your marker’s barrel can mess up your aim, a broken ball on your visor can mess up your vision, and a broken ball in your hopper can mess up feeding. However, the one part of your marker that nobody’s come up with a viable solution for cleaning is your pods; a broken paintball in your pods can coat all of your remaining paintballs, your marker bolt, and your hopper with a layer of paint that messes up your accuracy and ROF, seizes up your marker when it dries, and is incredibly difficult to clean out in the middle of a firefight. While you can still wash your pods after your day of paintball is done, wouldn’t it be better to have a solution that you can use on the paintball field? Enter the Exalt Paintball Pod Swab, a simple swab with the power to save you a lot of broken paintball headaches. If you’d like to see the video, it’s right here.

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Review: Kohn Sports Gear

kohn sports headwrap

Any good game of paintball is going to involve a lot of fast sprints, split-second draws, and a few incredibly tense moments as you round corners or check over obstacles. What do all these have in common? Sweat. If you’re going to be sweating for long periods of time, it’s going to fog up your mask, get in your eyes, and, honestly, make everything you own smell horrible. What you need is a headwrap that stops sweat right at the source, all while looking good for years (and hopefully washes) to come. Fortunately, Kohn Sports has a great line of headwraps, headbands, and even barrel covers to keep your head and your marker clean and stylish both on and off the field. If you want to see all the styles that Kohn has to offer, just check out our video here.

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Review: AIM Sports 10-round Tube/12-gram Bandolier


With the ever-expanding popularity of mag-fed paintball, it’s no surprise that even long-time woodsball players are trying to mix up their games with some limited ammo paintball games. One of the most common ways to bridge this gap is with modified stock-class paintball, using woodsball markers with limited paint in smaller ten round tubes and run through a stock class feed neck adapter to add a new element of challenge. Of course, new players to this style might find that their old harnesses, which were designed for 100 round pods, won’t hold the ten round tubes at all. Fortunately, there’s a simple, effective solution, and it’s AIM Sports’ 10 round tube/12 gram CO2 cartridge Bandolier. If you want to see the video, you can check it out here.

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Review: Planet Eclipse Etek 5

planet eclipse etek5

After too many years of waiting and too much teasing, it’s finally here. Planet Eclipse has finally released their newest mid-grade electropnumatic marker, the Etek 5, and we at Hustle Paintball were quite literally blown away. While we did have some advance notice on this marker, we still weren’t sure what to make of it; after all, the Etek line had always been considered the stripped-down version of Planet Eclipse’s Ego, so we really kind of expected to be getting a new Etha model. However, after taking some time to shoot this marker, we’re pretty convinced that the Etek is bridging the gap between amateur and pro markers. If you want to see the full video, you can watch it here.

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Review: Sport Smoke Tactical Smoke Grenade Pouches

sport smoke grenade pouch

If you’re going to play a good game of paintball, your best friend, besides your marker, is going to be your MOLLE vest. These vests look and act like the real thing in the middle of scenario games, and there’s a reason they’re the combat standard for armies today; the MOLLE setup is infinitely customizable, yet still keeps all of your gear centered on your torso. Of course, if you fill your MOLLE vest with low-quality pouches, this useful setup can become more of a hassle than an asset on the paintball field. You can stop this problem dead in its tracks with a set of Tactical Smoke Grenade Pouches from Sport Smoke. To hear all the benefits of these pouches, you can either watch the video here, or keep reading.

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The Hustle Reload #108

hustle paintball belt

Folks, it’s that time of week again. Not the time when your rent’s due, but the time where you get to see what your favorite paintball crew are getting into with The Reload, Hustle Paintball’s behind-the-scenes look at our product reviews, our crew, and the wacky shenanigans involved in both. If you’d like, you can skip right ahead to the video here, or you can whet your appetite for paintball hilarity by reading on…

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Review: CGS Hand Flare

cgs hand flare

Looking for a way to make your next game of scenario paintball a little more interesting? For a limited time, we at Hustle Paintball have just the thing you’re looking for to give your night games a little extra spice. Imagine it; you’re playing a serious game of capture the flag in an abandoned building complex late at night. After a few good pushes, you and your team finally make it across the no-man’s land and overwhelm the last flag defender. You take the flag, immediately turn around, and sprint as fast as your legs will carry you, your adrenaline pumping with every step. You’re aware that the other team’s shooting at you, but you’re too busy running to shoot back or even look. After what feels like an hour of hard sprinting, you’re back at your home base, flag in hand. Breathing heavy, you raise the flag above your head and… pull the drawstring, letting a 15,000 candlepower flare signal your victory.

With our new selection of CGS Hand Flares, we can make that happen for you. If you want to see what these beauties can look like in action, just watch our video here.

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Paintball Conditioning: How To Improve Your Technical Skills


Not that type of conditioning…

Have you ever wanted to really improve your paintball game? Paintball is a sport and, like any other sport, requires a rigorous amount of conditioning. When we say “conditioning”, we mean a whole program of exercise, technique training, and getting your mind straight to play at the peak level of your gear. In this three part series, we’re going to talk about the three most important aspects of a paintball player’s conditioning and exactly how you can improve them.

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Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Your First Round Of Paintball


Starting paintball is a lot like any other sport; you’re not sure what you should be doing, you’re going to get overwhelmed with options, and everybody has their own ideas about exactly what you should be doing. While you can get most of your answers from the team at your local paintball field, we’ve found that there are a handful of questions that keep getting asked by curious new players, almost without fail. We decided to take some time today and knock out a couple of common questions for new players so you can feel a bit more comfortable during your first few games.

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