Review: Major Paintball M80TR Landmine

M80TR landmine

Full disclosure: this isn’t a review of a legit landmine. Rather, it’s for one of the most interesting paintball landmines we’ve seen in recent memory. Major Paintball’s M80TR landmine promises to not just get a little bit of paint on your enemies – it promises to soak them. Watch your enemies drip with paint with the M80TR. Is it worthy of a purchase, though? Find out in our review below!

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Review: Pinokio P250/400 Electronic Hopper

Pinokio P250 400

Way back in 2010, the Pinokio hopper was redesigned and transformed into something truly magnificent. Durable and performing exceptionally well, many praised the hopper for being something new, different, and above all – reliable. We’re revisiting the Pinokio P250/400 Electronic Hopper 4+ years later to take a closer look. Is it still worth purchasing? Find out below!

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Review: V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

We previously discussed the awesomeness of the V-Force Grill HDR Lens, and if you need a stellar lens, it’s one that is worthy of your consideration. However, what if you don’t need a lens? What if you need a full mask with the same V-Force quality? It’s here by way of the V-Force Grill Paintball Mask, and it’s ready for you. But is it worth purchasing? Find out in our review below!

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Review: V-Force Grill HDR Lens

V-Force Grill HDR Lens

Are you having a hard time seeing exactly where you are looking when using your regular lens? If you are, you are not alone. Tons of players have this exact problem, and the best way to combat it is to replace your current lens with a bad ass one. Who knew, right?!? That’s where the V-Force Grill HDR Lens promises to help you, but does it deliver? Let’s find out!

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Review: Energy Paintball High Performance Batteries

Energy Paintball Batteries

Do you need the best batteries for your marker? If so, then you need the best. Easier said than done (especially with so many choices for rechargeable batteries on the market today), it can be difficult to know which batteries are best for your marker and which ones you should pass on by. Luckily, our review of Energy Paintball’s High Performance Batteries should be the deciding factor. Are Energy Paintball’s batteries the best bang for your buck? Keep reading to find out!

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Review: Allen Paintball Scenario Pods

Allen Paintball Scenario Pods

Do you want one of the best pods on the market today? Then you need to consider Allen Paintball’s Scenario Pods! These pods come in a variety of sizes: from 50 to 100 round to even 140 round pods (and in a variety of colors). But are the Allen Paintball Scenario Pods worthy of a purchase? Find out after the jump!

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Review: Gen X Global TXG Tactical Modular Flak Jacket Vest

Gen X Global TXG Tactical Modular Flak Jacket Vest

Soldier, do you find yourself lying awake at night, dreaming of owning a flak jacket vest that can really withstand a powerful ‘punch?’ Do you daydream about the paint of your opponent’s paintballs dripping off of your vest, as you stand there laughing maniacally, saying aloud, “I may be out, but I didn’t feel anything,” with your arms raised to the heavens like you’re some sort of god? Maybe not, but if you want a solid flak jacket vest that you can depend on at a cool price, keep reading to find out what makes the Gen X Global TXG Tactical Modular Flak Jacket Vest so special!

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