Review: Kush Nation Armory KR2 Scenario Rocket

Kush Nation Armory KR2 Scenario Rocket

Anyone who knows anything about us at Hustle Paintball knows that we love our Metadyne Havoc Launchers. From scenario play to generally just shooting stuff, the Havoc Launcher is a great way to add in a little bit of artillery to a mil-sim game, particularly one that uses tanks or destroyable scenario bits. Even though the launcher is pretty terrific, it does have one little problem; it lacks dedicated ammunition. While most players have been able to shape small Nerf finned footballs down into something that works, a specially designed “rocket” would really be a step up. That’s where Kush Nation Armory comes in with the KR2 Scenario Rocket, designed to give Havoc Launcher fans a high-quality piece of ammunition to get the most out of both their launcher and their paintball game. If you’d like to see the full review, click here. Otherwise, we’ll give you the highlights below.

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Three Prime Paintball Products To Improve Your Game

rufus dawg paintball t2

In paintball, you’ve always got your crucial pieces of equipment like your markers, your mask, and your tanks. While that may be all you need to play tournament paintball, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the story. Because paintball is such a wide-spread support with a host of companies selling as many products, there’s a huge market for your paintball marker that you might not have even considered. Fortunately, we at Hustle Paintball have picked some of the highest quality pieces to sell on our site; some are designed to help your game, others give you new ways to play. We’ve got a selection of a few great products that’ll help you put a spark back into your paintball games. Whatever you choose, however, we hope you find new ways to enjoy this great sport.

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Gargoyle II Crowdfunding Campaign

gargoyle II

 Today, we’ve actually got something a little different on the blog for you guys, and it all starts with a single man back in 2009 and his wonderfully iconic stock-class marker.  Rodney Neal decided that he wanted to create a new concept in pump paintball markers and, after an incredible journey, he made the Gargoyle as well as the Rembember the Ronin company. Now, the company’s trying to break the mold again with the Gargoyle II, a completely crowd-funded project that’s the first in paintball history. But why should you fund this marker yourself? You can watch the full video here, or you can read on for a little bit of a review.

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The Hustle Reload #117

reload 117

In our grand tradition of bringing you the things you wanted before you even knew you wanted them, we’ve got another Reload for you. If you’re new, the Reload is your one-stop shop for all things related to the crazy shenanigans at the Hustle Paintball warehouse with your favorite paintball crew. Today on the show, we’re blowing stuff up! While you should totally never do this (seriously, it’s exceedingly dangerous), we totally still did it, and we did it all for you. Show us some love by checking out the video here. Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll give you a primer of what’s to come…

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Quick Look: Chest Protector Comparisons

Valken V-TAC Chest Protector

If you’re playing a good game of paintball with people who are at your skill level, you’re probably going to get tagged a few times. While getting tagged may be a fact of paintball, it can still lead to welts and bruises that might drain your enthusiasm for the game, especially if you’re still new to the sport. Fortunately, the best solution is the simplest; to avoid getting welts or bruises on your body, wear a chest protector. However, not all chest protectors are created equal, and this isn’t just a question of their materials; in fact, some players like the tradeoff of a lighter chest protector for increased maneuverability, or its inverse, wearing a protector with a lot more protection and a little more bulk. Whatever your taste, we at Hustle Paintball have pulled together a solid assortment of chest protectors and tested them the only way we know how; by firing paintballs at AJ. If you want to see the full video (or just want to watch AJ get marked repeatedly), you can see it here.

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Review: Proto Precision Fighter Harness Pack

Proto Precision Fighter

For speedball and woodsball players, a good pod pack can make a lot of difference. Unfortunately, there is normally a pretty sizable gap between good pod harnesses and sub-par ones; on paper, they all look like they do the same thing, so your natural inclination is to purchase the cheaper model. After a single round, however, you’ll find that the cheap nylon belt doesn’t fit, the pod holders don’t open, and the cheap material on the whole thing can get shredded as soon as you touch the ground. What you really need is a solid entry-level harness pack, and the child company of DYE Paintball has just the piece to fit the bill. Whether you’re a new player looking for a solid harness, or just a paintballer on a budget, you’ll definitely find the Proto Precision Fighter Harness Pack to your liking. If you want to see the full review, you can check it out here.

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High And Low Capacity Gravity Hoppers

empire sport shot hopper

It’s one of the many trade-offs paintball players have to deal with on their markers; do they choose to have a high or low capacity paintball hopper? Both choices have their pros and cons; a low capacity hopper is going to weigh less and make your marker easier to maneuver, but at the cost of paintballs. With a high-capacity gravity hopper, you have much more paint, but your marker is going to feel a lot more weighed down. Depending on your play style, one may work better than the other for you. Exactly which one and why, we’ve spelled out in this video here, but if you’d rather read on, we’ve got all the highlights written down below.

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The Hustle Reload #115

erik rollerblades

Just when you thought we were done, we surprised all of you and brought it back. Just like Brett Favre, Tupac, and about half the Marvel comic book universe, we’ve come back from non-existence and brought you another episode of the Hustle Reload, your one-stop shop for all the great behind-the-scenes action at Hustle Paintball. Just like always, it’s hip, it’s now, it’s something you can do instead of working, so check it out here. If you’d like to keep reading (it’s easier to look busy that way), we’ve got a little overview of what you can expect in this week’s episode below…

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Behind The Counter #8


Another week, another new set of paintball gear, and another video dedicated to helping you understand it all. We’re talking, of course, about Erik Cromer’s Behind The Counter, the show that brings you all the info you need on the latest markers, gear, and paintball tips and tricks from a seasoned paintball veteran. Whether you’re a new player or a professional, Erik and the rest of the guys at Hustle Paintball have picked out the best of their new gear and given you their honest opinion on what works and what doesn’t. If you want to jump right into the video, you can do so here. If you want to read on, we’ve got a primer all set up to give you the highlights.

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Barrel Break: HDE Pants and Pads

barrel break image

Today’s feature on the Barrel Break came about from our beloved commander in chief AJ, and came about entirely by accident. After a particularly rough game of paintball, AJ found that, while wearing his Planet Eclipse HDE pants, he found that one of his knee pads seems to have disappeared. To his surprise, he learned that this wasn’t because his pants were broken, but rather because the pads on HDE pants can be removed. All you need to do is simply turn your pant legs out and you’ll find a pouch on the knees; the pads simply pull out. After a little more digging, AJ also found that the same is true for the hip padding, although this one has a Velcro closure. If you’d like to hear AJ talk about it, you can check that out here.

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