In-Depth: Kohn 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Softgoods

kohn 2014 breast cancer awareness

It’s October, and you know what that means. Not only is it the month of Halloween, but it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every organization seems to be commemorating the all-important month of breast cancer awareness, and here at Hustle Paintball, we’re no different. That’s why – along with Kohn – we are offering breast cancer awareness softgoods throughout the month of October. What do we have in store? Find out below.

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It’s Official: Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Consequences is Coming Oct. 18

Will you experience this level of action Oct. 18? You'll have to play with us and see for yourself!

Will you experience this level of action Oct. 18? You’ll have to play with us and see for yourself!

Hey hot dogs! We released the official Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Consequences announcement video late last week – a magfed scenario campaign with a Half-Life touch. Watch the video for all the details and visit Hustle Paintball to learn more, but in case you want to get the 411 here? Read below to find out what it’s truly all about.

First thing’s first: pre-register right now! This will allow us to plan effectively, so the sooner you guys sign up? The better the scenario will be.

Secondly: if you don’t have a magfed marker, go to Hustle Paintball and look at the list Ethan posted that details the magfed markers that are recommended for the event. We’re planning to have a magfed scenario at least once a year, so if this is something you think you are going to enjoy at least once a year, believe us: you need a magfed gun. Check it out, buy it, have fun with us Oct. 18.

Would you rather not shell out the money for a magfed marker? That’s okay! You can bring your regular marker to play – but it must be converted. The best way to do this? Buy a feedneck adapter along with a set of 10-round tubes directly from us. If you’re feeling really adventurous? Buy a bandolier too!

So don’t be a Wallace Breen – be a Gordon Freeman! Join us Oct. 18 and have a blast in this annual extravaganza.

Hustle Mystery Box Round 3 Update: We’re Shipping Them Now!

round three mystery boxes

First thing’s first: you haven’t purchased a Mystery Box, you still have a chance to buy them! We have increased the quantity of our Mystery Box so much this time around, that there are still a few left for you to claim. Go to this page here to read everything you need to know about round three of this promotion, but you will need to act fast because time is certainly of the essence!

With that out of the way, we are pleased to tell you that Mystery Boxes are shipping now. While we cannot give you a timeframe as to when you will receive your Mystery Box, all we can tell you is that you will get them soon, so keep an eye out for them showing up at your doorstep.

To get all of the details, watch our video here to learn about the shipping update!

It’s Round Three of the Hustle Mystery Boxes!

round three mystery boxes

To say that our Hustle Mystery Boxes have been popular is an understatement. These boxes are so popular, it’s as if by some divine miracle the popularity of Elvis, John Lennon, Burt Reynolds, Hulk Hogan, and George Costanza has been copied and rolled into one big ball, and then placed into our Hustle Mystery Box promotion. That’s how popular they have been. It feels like a Festivus miracle.

"Not a Christmas miracle George - a Festivus miracle!"

George: “You mean a Christmas miracle?”
Frank: “Not a Christmas miracle you idiot, a Festivus miracle. Serenity now!”

That’s why we have returned for a third round of Hustle Mystery Box goodness.

The Hustle Mystery Boxes will come in three flavors:

This time, we are doing five batches, each with 200 chances to win the brand-new, super-hot, Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 with IV Core! The more expensive the box you buy, the better your chances of getting this bad ass marker. Allow us to break it all down for you:

  • $50 box contains 1 chance.
  • $100 box contains 2 chances.
  • $200 box contains 4 chances.

Let us provide you with a tip: if you are purchasing boxes just to win chances, buy the more expensive boxes. Why? As you can see, if you wanted four chances to win the marker, you could purchase four $50 boxes. That’s fine. Or you could purchase one $200 box. What’s the difference? The $200 box will have higher-priced items than the $50 box, so you get the best bang for your buck.

Now, the computer will randomly fill your order with products based off what is available. This is a random promotion guys, so if you are not happy with what you received? We’re sorry, but that’s the luck of the draw fellas.

However, if you receive a t-shirt that is the wrong size, a barrel that just won’t fit, etc. (by the way, you can fill out the proper information on each of these boxes), we will exchange these items for free!

To learn everything you need to know about round three of the Hustle Mystery Boxes, watch our video here. Act fast, because these boxes are going to be gone before you can say, “I want to win a Project Eclipse Geo 3.1 with IV Core!”

Hustle Paintball And Nighthawk Brewery Are Working On A Paintball Board/Table-Top Game!


Adam Stout, commonly referred to as ‘Ministry of Fun’ and the ‘Commissioner of Refreshments’ over at Nighthawk Brewery laid down the 411 today on a new side project between a few of the guys at Hustle Paintball and Nighthawk Brewery. Erik, Jay, and Adam are attempting to blend their love of paintball with their love of board and table-top games to recreate the strategy and frenzy of paintball in a table-top format.

Insane? It’s debatable. Find out the details of this new, interesting table-top experience after the jump.

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Hustle Update: Valken Pro-Connect

Valken Pro-Connect Image

We have a big announcement today – and indeed, it’s about pro connects again. If you have been watching the videos on our channel for a while (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!?), you will notice that we are pretty opinionated on which ones are the best.

Doug Brown, the originator of the Sideworks Pro-Connect 3 (the best Pro-Connect in our opinion), brought it back to the market some time back. Unfortunately, it is no longer available (Doug’s a busy man, after all), which is a real bummer.

But don’t be bummed for long! Doug has helped Valken to find a new place to get these awesome Pro-Connects made, and we are happy to announce the Valken Pro-Connect.

100% compatible with the Sideworks Pro-Connect 3 .This includes the PC3Xs, Milsig 17 CATS stocks, Sideworks male nipple – 100% compatible just like the original Pro-Connect 3.

If you have wanted a Pro-Connect but haven’t been able to find one, now we have the answer! To learn how it all works, view our video here. Once you are finished? Purchase a Valken Pro-Connect directly from us here!

It’s Round Two of the Hustle Mystery Box!

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Image

Notice: We have already sold out of the Hustle Mystery Boxes and will be shipping them shortly.


And with more options!

Because of the wildly successful Hustle Mystery Box last month, we are pleased to bring you the second round of the Hustle Mystery Boxes!

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Hustle Mystery Boxes Are Here!

mystery box image

Everyone loves a good mystery. From reading classic Nancy Drew novels to wondering how the years flew by so quickly (a more depressing type of mystery), there’s something enticing about mysteries. Here at Hustle Paintball, we realize this – which is why we are pleased to announce our mystery boxes. What’s it all about? Keep reading to find out!

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Ninja’s 77cu SL Tank is Available Now!

ninja paintball logo image

The Ninja 77cu SL tank is available now!

Something legendary just happened today – something borderline miraculous. What’s the news? Oh, it’s only the announcement of today’s launch of Ninja’s 77cu SL tank! That’s right, folks – today. Now. Right now! The latest iteration in the ‘Super Lite’ brand, the Ninja 77cu SL is Ninja’s latest effort in ensuring that when you play paintball, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy tank that’s only going to get in the way, decrease the effectiveness of your game, and generally feel uncomfortable. Everyone wants a lighter tank (and thus, a lighter marker), and the new 77cu SL is going to make it happen. Less fatigue, the ability to perform better ‘snap shots,’ and again, a more comfortable feel when playing, the 77cu SL needs to be in your life.

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It’s a new day and a new year.

Well, December was so nuts that I was unable to write about anything! Thanks for choosing us for your holiday shopping, everyone!

The end of 2012 has come and gone; we’ve reflected on where we have come since the beginning of 2012, and it is absolutely astounding. Right before Christmas of 2011, a big change in the company happened when our former Operations Manager parted ways from Hustle. We really had to look deeply into ourselves and see what it was that we needed to do to make everything better, rather than blaming any past mistakes on the departed. Not just for our own satisfaction, but for you all, our customers.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what our mission has been for the past year, and what it is in the year moving forward. In the last few months we have made a very large push with our video channel. Not only are we focused on making sure we get AT LEAST 3 videos up per week for all of you, but we have quite a few ideas floating around on what we would like to do in the coming year. Of course our production values are only going to get better as we learn more and put more assets into the video portion of our business. Really though, I want to acknowledge each and every person on the team for what we have accomplished this year.

Not many of you know this, but 99% of the items on our website go up because of Jeff.

Jeff, master of the Hustle Cosmos.

Jeff, master of the Hustle Cosmos.

We would not have the up-to-date catalogue that we do were it not for him. You may not see him in as many videos as some of the other guys, but he is an extremely important member of this team who deserves just as much love as the rest of us. Due to the fact that we were able to hire two new people before the end of the year, Ethan and I are hoping we can help Jeff out a little more with his products. By doing this, we are focusing on getting our website cleaned up and getting up to date. Look out, we have big plans for our “2.0″ of each and every product on our website this year.

Wow, have ya’ll been watching our videos in the last year? Check out the difference between our first video in 2012 the Lapco TPX Front Block and our most recent video the Psiworx PC3X. First off you will notice a few things, it feels like it has been much longer, but 2012 is the year we went HD.. finally! This has been absolutely huge for our channel. Next, you will see our studio and production values as well of our knowledge of editing and how to make an appealing video has increased. This is all due to Jay’s unwavering drive to ALWAYS improve our videos. Once Jay was free to explore what he wanted to do and learn more about the science of making videos, it opened up our possibilities with film so much more! Heck, we even did a huge production with our Versus video. There will be more on the way this year, promise. We just need that practice and they require A LOT of man hours and preparation. If you enjoy our videos, be sure to email and let Jay know, I am sure he (and the rest of us!) would appreciate it.

Makes total sense.

Makes total sense.

While we are on the subject of videos, let’s not forget about the best host in paintball, Russell Wiarda! Seriously, we have found our guy who is just a natural talking to you all, not only do we like him in that position, but you all have been very vocal about how he is your favorite host. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s possibly the most entertaining guy in the industry.. even when he is showing you how to install something you may never even own.  In the 105 videos that we did in the last year Russell was in 21 of them. Considering we hired him in February, and his first video was in May that is a lot. Since May of 2012 Russell has been the host in 26% of our videos. When you think that myself, Jason, Ethan, Jeff, Erik and Jay have all been in the rest, Russell is clearly the most used and most liked.  Hopefully you all are looking forward to our new segment we are moving forward with, our weekly check-in video the “Weekly Reload” because Russell is spear-heading that project and I think you will all enjoy them as much as we do.

The elusive Luso Wiardfoot.

The elusive Luso Wiardfoot.

Erik and Jason have not had as much of a quantifiable impact that you all can see just yet, 2013 will show a little bit more of their personal talents and what they can do for the company; but behind closed doors they have been doing a lot all year. Both Jason and Erik have been hired recently, but they have been coming in to the shop and helping ship out orders and work with showroom customers all year round. Were it not for the countless volunteer hours that they put in throughout the year there is no way we would have been able to make the progress we have. If you talk to them in any shape or form: YouTube, pbRIOT, emails or even the phone – be sure to acknowledge them and thank them for all of the hard work they did for you in 2012. Doing hard work out of the kindness of your own heart is something that should be celebrated much more widely than it is.

When we want to learn how to get women, we ask these two.

When we want to learn how to get women, we ask these two.

It feels a little odd to write about myself, but I am going to lump Ethan and I into the same paragraph. You see, a lot of what we do is inglorious boring stuff, but the biggest thing of 2012 for us was to have a cohesive management corps. Before the split, things were very hectic around here. I am sure you all know, it is hard to have focus and drive if you do not have a leader to get you there. Anyone who has played a team sport knows that a captain is paramount to success. Ethan is not only our companies owner.. gosh that seems so disconnected from who he is. Ethan is our captain, he is the team leader, he pushes us because he pushes himself so hard. He sets the pace and we follow knowing along the way that we are working towards a single important goal: To provide the best retail customer service in the industry. To provide the most friendly and comfortable internet forum in paintball, that is also knowledgeable. Lastly, but not least is to provide the absolute best paintball channel on YouTube.

It is easy to smile when you are flying freebird.

It is easy to smile when you are flying freebird.

Our goals are no small order, and they could not be achieved with bickering and lack of understanding of the role of position. Since I have become Operations Manager, Ethan and I have worked extremely well together. We have kept the team mentality around here, something that was missing under the previous.. “regime”. I do not believe I have written about this at all this year, but when we make big changes in the company, or brainstorm about anything really – we do it as a team. Everyone’s voice is heard, which is something we will continue to do in 2013. More heads are better than two and if we can find better ways to improve, why not? While at the end of the day it is not a Democracy by any means.. it is always a team effort and the Captain makes the call with the team’s best interests in mind.

I am going to stop myself before I write an entire novel, but I want to end this post with a word of thanks to everyone involved in the world of Hustle Paintball. Those of you reading this blog, those of you who watch our channel, who post on the forums; hell, those of you who just purchase gear from us. Thank you so much for helping us grow this year, not only do we do this to support our families, we do this for you. You all have helped build this company as much as the rest of us. Without you all we wouldn’t be where we are now and we will NEVER forget that.

Thanks for 2012, let’s kick 2013′s ass even harder huh?!

- Trevor