Hustle Paintball Gifts Guide 2014 – Masks

Empire E-Flex Goggle - Limited Edition - Skull

Word of advice, friend: it’s time to stop playing with only sunglasses. Seriously. I know you’re protecting your eyes (but you’re really not), but you’re not protecting your mouth or other vital areas of your head. What happens when you yawn on the field and a paintball pops you right in those pearly whites? Yep, you’re going to be going to the dentist and will have to explain to Dr. NotAmused that you were playing without a mask again.

Don’t give Dr. NotAmused ammunition to insult you: buy a mask this holiday season, and play the game we love safely. And if you have a loved one that doesn’t have a mask but is dying to get out on the field? Again, save them from Dr. NotAmused’s nasty insults (“your teeth used to look like chewed-on Chiclets. Now they look even more embarrassing.” Ouch!) and get them a mask that will provide them with suitable protection.

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Hustle Paintball Gifts Guide 2014 – Barrels

cp one-piece

All the firepower in the world doesn’t matter if your marker can’t hit what you’re aiming at. Having the right barrel changes that (as long as you know how to aim, that is). Not only that, but the right barrel can improve the rate of fire of your marker considerably – but not all barrels are created equal. Whatever type of barrel your marker needs, we at Hustle Paintball think we have the answer for all of you this holiday season. For beginner players to the most seasoned veterans, the 10 barrels below are sure to tickle your fancy!*

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Hustle Paintball Gifts Guide 2014 – Hoppers

Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader

Never underestimate the difference a good hopper can make in how well you play. Unfortunately, finding a good hopper can be a bit time consuming. Should you by this automatic hopper? Will you be perfectly fine with a traditional hopper? What about if you just want to play magfed? Did I pay my electric bill?

Enough questions – we have the answers! Some of the best hoppers we have to offer for any type of paintball player is here after the jump. For the budget conscious to the players that don’t mind spending their children’s college fund on a hot new hopper, we’re ready to help!

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Hustle Paintball Gifts Guide 2014 – Tanks

ninja sl tank

Ah, the tank: the literal lifeblood of the paintball marker. No matter what type of paintball you play, it’s important to find the right kind of gas tank and PSI for your preferred style of play. Fortunately, these ten examples will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Hustle Paintball Gifts Guide 2014 – Markers

milsig k-series mk3

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may find yourself unsure what to ask for, or what you want to get the paintball players in your life. Well cats – we’re here to help! Whether they’re new players or seasoned paintball veterans who could use some new gear, the fine folks at Hustle have a little something for everyone.

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Still Looking for Paintball Grenades? Empire BT Paint Grenades Has You Covered

bt m12

In paintball, much like in a real firefight, good terrain can give your opponent a huge advantage. Whether it’s a dense tree line or a long hallway, two or three people can take out an entire enemy team if they find a good position. When this problem occurred in modern warfare, the solution was simple; a hand-held explosive that can be thrown into an opponent’s strong point. It came to be known as the grenade.

And now, Empire BT is bringing that advantage to you with the M8 and M12 Paint Grenades.

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In-Depth: Kohn 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Softgoods

kohn 2014 breast cancer awareness

It’s October, and you know what that means. Not only is it the month of Halloween, but it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every organization seems to be commemorating the all-important month of breast cancer awareness, and here at Hustle Paintball, we’re no different. That’s why – along with Kohn – we are offering breast cancer awareness softgoods throughout the month of October. What do we have in store? Find out below.

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It’s Official: Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Consequences is Coming Oct. 18

Will you experience this level of action Oct. 18? You'll have to play with us and see for yourself!

Will you experience this level of action Oct. 18? You’ll have to play with us and see for yourself!

Hey hot dogs! We released the official Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Consequences announcement video late last week – a magfed scenario campaign with a Half-Life touch. Watch the video for all the details and visit Hustle Paintball to learn more, but in case you want to get the 411 here? Read below to find out what it’s truly all about.

First thing’s first: pre-register right now! This will allow us to plan effectively, so the sooner you guys sign up? The better the scenario will be.

Secondly: if you don’t have a magfed marker, go to Hustle Paintball and look at the list Ethan posted that details the magfed markers that are recommended for the event. We’re planning to have a magfed scenario at least once a year, so if this is something you think you are going to enjoy at least once a year, believe us: you need a magfed gun. Check it out, buy it, have fun with us Oct. 18.

Would you rather not shell out the money for a magfed marker? That’s okay! You can bring your regular marker to play – but it must be converted. The best way to do this? Buy a feedneck adapter along with a set of 10-round tubes directly from us. If you’re feeling really adventurous? Buy a bandolier too!

So don’t be a Wallace Breen – be a Gordon Freeman! Join us Oct. 18 and have a blast in this annual extravaganza.

Hustle Mystery Box Round 3 Update: We’re Shipping Them Now!

round three mystery boxes

First thing’s first: you haven’t purchased a Mystery Box, you still have a chance to buy them! We have increased the quantity of our Mystery Box so much this time around, that there are still a few left for you to claim. Go to this page here to read everything you need to know about round three of this promotion, but you will need to act fast because time is certainly of the essence!

With that out of the way, we are pleased to tell you that Mystery Boxes are shipping now. While we cannot give you a timeframe as to when you will receive your Mystery Box, all we can tell you is that you will get them soon, so keep an eye out for them showing up at your doorstep.

To get all of the details, watch our video here to learn about the shipping update!