Best Paintball Guns Under $600 for 2014 – 3rd Place!

Moving right along, we have made it to our last section of the Best Paintball Guns for 2014 series.  This time around we will be looking at the Best Paintball Guns Under $600, starting with 3rd place.  With a price of $549.95, only at Hustle Paintball, the Empire Resurrection Autococker is our winner!

The Empire Resurrection Autococker takes us back to the old school days when it comes to mechanical domination.  This particular marker was specifically designed to keep all of the excruciating hours of tuning, repairing and cleaning right where they belong – IN THE PAST!

The 3-way has two accessible ways of adjusting, making for a super smooth, super solid slider frame that sports the newly designed angled sear plate.  This reduces the frequency empire-resurrection-autococker-paintball-gunof short stroking the trigger.  The brilliantly milled body sports a now industry standard midblock design and a state of the art barrel system that comes with all the barrel backs you could ever need!

With the Resurrection, Empire has truly taken the best out of the standard WGP Autococker and implemented it, including the quality you could expect, into this awesome marker.  So pick your up today!  Experience the true mechanical excellence with the Autococker without any of the troubles associated with the typical ones.


  • Closed Bolt System for Extreme Accuracy
  • Incredibly stable firing platform
  • Aluminum 2-piece 14″ barrel
  • 6 pc Sniper Barrel Kit: Aluminum Tip + 5 sized backs (.675, .680, .685, .690, .695)
  • Quick Lever On/off Bottom line ASA
  • Clamping Feedneck with Thumb Adjustment
  • Built on the all new Sniper™ Pump Platform
  • Adjustable LPR (Low Pressure Regulator)
  • Slide Trigger Frame with Trigger Shoe
  • Dual Soft Rubber Detents
  • Quick Strip Delrin Bolt
  • 45 Frame molded wrap around grips with finger grooves
  • Low Pressure Operation

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