Best Paintball Guns Under $400 for 2014 – 3rd Place!

Ok guys, since we just wrapped up the Best Paintball Guns Under $200, we are moving into the Best Paintball Guns Under $400 series – EXCITING!  So to start things off, we will begin with the third place winner, the Azodin Zenith .68 CAL Electronic Marker.  Coming in at $249.99, the Zenith comes in either black or gold/black, giving you options!


Going beyond the limitations of traditional paintball marker technology, the Zenith has brought the blow-back design into the realm of super markers.  Utilizing the Zero Recoil Operation (ZeRO) System, the blow-back marker has never shot so smooth and as result of an unprecedented level of shot on shot accuracy.  The ZeRO System incorporates the “Feather Striker System” and a revolutionary redesign of the Valve Engine to reduce operating pressure.  ZeRO System minimizes the recoil signature of the Zenith and enables the player to focus on aiming instead of controlling the marker.

The “Feather Striker System” is 30% lighter than the traditional striker design.  This reduces the mechanical recoil.  The Valve Engine was redesigned to take full advantage of both CO2 and HPA.  The Zenith is powered by the “ZEN” board, which hosts all the modes of the major circuits and Azodin team is committed to keep the board current to the changing landscape of tournament paintball.

Features of the Azodin Zenith .68 CAL Electronic Marker:

  • Weight: 1155 G/2.55 lbs/40.74 oz
  • Length: 528MM/20.97 in
  • Height: 240.3MM/9.47 in
  • Width: 35MM/1.38 in
  • Barrel Thread: Autococker Threads
  • Feedneck Thread: Ion/Impulse Threads
  • Low Pressure Inline Regulator: Standard ASA Threads
  • On/Off Bottom ASA: Standard Dovetail Mount

From Hustle Paintball, after purchasing your Zenith will reach you very quickly – within 1 week of purchase.  Get yours today from

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