Best Paintball Guns Under $400 for 2014 – 2nd Place!

Continuing on with the Best Paintball Guns Under $400 for 2014, we are now at the 2nd place winner.  To recap, our third place winner was the Azodin Zenith .68 CAL Electronic Marker, a great marker with a smooth shot and revolutionary redesign of the Valve Engine, reducing operating pressure – some pretty cool features.  Now moving on, we are looking at the Tippman Crossover Paintball Gun!

Long gone are the days when you had to choose between a mechanical or electric marker.  The Tippmann Crossover, through the use of FlexValve technology, allows the paintball player the option of switching from electronic to mechanical mode while in the midst of battle!  But why would anyone want or need this feature?  Easy!  Because you were out all night with your buddies, hanging out, and you forgot to change the battery in your paintball marker and now you are stuck, pinned inside your bunker and need anothertippmann-crossover-paintball-gun option.  So you flip a switch and your paintball gun (the Tippmann Crossover) is now mechanical.  Fire away!  And now you are the hero of your team.

Other advantages to this gun is the unbeatable price that you can only get from us at Hustle Paintball – $349!  Wow!  With all of these features, you will be glad you made a solid investment in the Tippmann Crossover.  Like all Tippmann gear, you will only receive the top quality product design – durable and accurate.  You will also find that the multiple firing modes will allow you to keep up with your buddies in the woods or shred some arrogant enemy players on the field.  The firing mode includes semi-automatic, 3-shot burst and even PSP mode.

Tippmann Crossover Notable Features:

  • Compact Size
  • FlexValve technology
  • Adjustable Clamping Feedneck
  • Advanced Break Beam Anti-Chop Eye Technology
  • Internal Gas Line/Can be externalized
  • A5/X7 Threads
  • 15 bps Max to Comply with Safety Rules
  • Multiple Firing Modes – NPPL, PSP, Millennium Mode
  • Tournament Lock
  • Ability to Work in Both Electronic and Mechanical Modes
  • Low Pressure Operation under 300 PSI
  • Magnetic Hall Effect Trigger Switch
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Watch our review below and see why we vote the Tippmann Crossover as the 2nd Place winner for Best Paintball Guns Under $400!  This gun is a killer blend of rough-and-tumble toughness and tournament paintball domination.  Check out this badass shooter, you won’t regret it!

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