Best Paintball Guns Under $200 for 2014 – 2nd Place!

Continuing on with our Best Paintball Guns Series, we are looking at the 2nd place winner for under $200.  And the winner is – The GOG Paintball eNMEy™ Marker!  At $129.95, you just can’t beat the price, the performance and improved reliability with reduced maintenance to field owners.   The GOG eNMEy™ is an out of the box “Mechanical Ion,” a very recent and popular marker on the paintball market.  It has a Bolt out the Back body design, is very efficient, easy to maintain and very light (something everyone looks for in a new paintball gun).  Keep your friends close, but your eNMEy™ closer.


The GOG eNMEy™ was unveiled at the 2012 PSP Paintball World Cup, and man did it make a statement in the paintball world.  With awesome new features and better delivery in performance, everyone was flocking to check out the eNMEy™ marker.  This gun features an integrated regulator and pneumatic spool valve combined with an entry-level price tag.  For new players, performance is great and the improved reliability is quite noteworthy.

“From the beginning, we’ve focused on giving the player more value for their investment in the game,” says GOG’s Adam Gardner. “You really have to shoot the eNMEy™ to see why we’re so excited. The pneumatic trigger we’ve designed has a pull that is short, crisp and fast, so the marker shoots smooth as silk. This is a whole new level of performance for this price range. People just don’t expect a marker that isn’t electronic to shoot this well.”

With the True Pneumatic Design, the GOG eNMEy™ requires NO hammer, NO sear, NO metal-on-metal wear points, and is great for field rental use because batteries are not needed to operate.  We understand the frustrations that come along with dead batteries, so the eNMEy™ is the answer to all your battery problems!

Additional Awesome Features:

  • Regulated Low Pressure Operation – The vertical regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent operation.  The eNMEy™ runs at 160 psi nominal and is consistent and smooth with little to no recoil.
  • CO2 Compatible – The integrated relief valve protects the valve components from pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.
  • Spool Valve Design – For speed and accuracy.
  • Simple Maintenance – The main valve and bolt can be removed, cleaned, inspected gog-enmeyand reassembled in a matter of seconds.
  • Low-Force Anti-Chop – The low force associated with the eNMEy™’s bolt allows it to bounce back from mis-fed paintballs, reducing the chance of a break in the breech.
  • Composite/Aluminum Components – The eNMEy™ is super lightweight and durable due to the aluminum receiver under a protective polymer shell.
  • Lifetime Warranty for original purchaser – Enough Said!
  • Electropneumatic Upgrade Path – Not to be confused with “sear tripper” electronic grip frames for hammer-and-spring paintball markers, the optional eNMEy™ electronic trigger upgrade provides true electropneumatic operation for increased rates of fire, more firing modes and an even lighter trigger pull.

Check out our video reviewing the GOG eNMEy, our 2nd most favorite paintball gun of 2014!  In this video, Ethan reviews, talks about maintenance, performs an efficiency test and shoots this really cool marker.  Check it out!


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