Review: Milsig Lightweight Scope Mount Riser Rail

Milsig Lightweight Scope Mount Riser Rail

Are you tired of looking down a scope that’s a little too low? We feel you: not all scopes are created equal. Sometimes, you just want to use a scope that’s a little higher and a little more comfortable. If you’re in this predicament, then do we have the solution for you! Read our review below of the Milsig Lightweight Scope Mount Riser Rail, and discover why we truly believe that this oldie but goodie riser rail is worth the investment!

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Review: TechT Gun Sav Paintball Lube – Grease

techt lube

If your marker manufacturer has told you that you need to use paste-style lubricant – then you better do it! Grease is literally the lifeblood of paintball markers: without it, it’s going to dry up, stop working, and die a slow, miserable death. That’s why we have tested TechT’s Gun Sav Paintball Lube, as it’s supposedly one of the best lubes out there for paintball markers. But is it? Read our review to find out more!

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Hustle Mystery Boxes Are Here!

mystery box image

Everyone loves a good mystery. From reading classic Nancy Drew novels to wondering how the years flew by so quickly (a more depressing type of mystery), there’s something enticing about mysteries. Here at Hustle Paintball, we realize this – which is why we are pleased to announce our mystery boxes. What’s it all about? Keep reading to find out!

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Review: Trinity Tippmann Screw Kit

tippmann a5 image

If you have been looking for some extra screws for your Tippmann (A5 and Model 98 only), then do we have the deal for you! The best way to have some extra screws on-hand at any time is to make the smart decision and choose the Trinity Tippmann Screw Kit today! Learn more about it after the jump.

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Review: Metadyne Havoc Launcher Breech Upgrade Kit

Metadyne Havoc Launcher Breech Upgrade Kit Image

T’was nearly four years ago to today that we gave a review of the Metadyne Havoc Launcher Breech Upgrade Kit – an awesome upgrade for the awesome Metadyne Havoc Launcher. It’s still one of the most fun reviews that we have ever done, and today’s flashback review? It’s showcasing one of the best upgrades for the Metadyne Havoc Launcher. Without further ado, here’s our review (but you already know you have to have this upgrade, right?).

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Review: Gen X Global Paintball Hauler

gen x global paintbal hauler

Looking for a convenient way to carry your paintballs? Want a convenient way to store your paintballs and feed them into your hopper/pod with relative ease? Then do we have the answer for you! It’s the Gen X Global Paintball Hauler, and it’s one of the best ways to store/transport your paintballs with you. Is it worth buying? Find out after the jump!

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Review: GXG Mini Tactical Backpack

GXG Mini Tactical Backpack Image

If you do not need a full size backpack, yet you want the same quality that you have come to trust from Gen X Global, then it is in your best interest to take a look at the Mini Tactical Backpack. Larger than you would expect with lots of capacity for your favorite paintball gear, it’s one of the roomiest little backpacks around. But is it worth your money? Take a look at our review below to find out for yourself.

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