Review: Kush Nation Armory KR2 Scenario Rocket

Kush Nation Armory KR2 Scenario Rocket

Anyone who knows anything about us at Hustle Paintball knows that we love our Metadyne Havoc Launchers. From scenario play to generally just shooting stuff, the Havoc Launcher is a great way to add in a little bit of artillery to a mil-sim game, particularly one that uses tanks or destroyable scenario bits. Even though the launcher is pretty terrific, it does have one little problem; it lacks dedicated ammunition. While most players have been able to shape small Nerf finned footballs down into something that works, a specially designed “rocket” would really be a step up. That’s where Kush Nation Armory comes in with the KR2 Scenario Rocket, designed to give Havoc Launcher fans a high-quality piece of ammunition to get the most out of both their launcher and their paintball game. If you’d like to see the full review, click here. Otherwise, we’ll give you the highlights below.

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The Hustle Reload #119

hustle reload 119

You’d think after last week, AJ wouldn’t want us doing these anymore, but we’re still here! It’s time, once again, for another episode of the Reload, your exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what actually goes on at the Hustle Paintball warehouse. And no, it’s not just to prove that our office is cooler than your office; that kinda just happens. Anyway, let’s see what we’ve got for you Reloadees on the show today… hmm, yes… okay, that’s kinda cool… Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not in my head; you’ll just have to watch the video here. Otherwise, I’ll give you a little primer for all the craziness down below, if you’ll just read on…

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The Barrel Break: Sticker Your Pods

barrel break image

This week with the Barrel Break, we’ve got another common problem with an easy solution; this time, it concerns your pods. We’ve all been there, in the middle of a firefight, when our marker starts shooting blanks. We reach into our belt, pull out another pod, pop it open, and drain it into our hopper, ready to get back into the fray as soon as the last paintball drops in. But what about your pod? Nobody wants to waste valuable seconds putting it back in their harness (and risk accidently pulling up a blank when you have to reload again), so you chuck the pod off to the side. A sound strategy, sure, but when the round ends, finding exactly which paintball pod is yours becomes a bit of hassle; remember, you’re sharing a field with a bunch of other players who all had the exact same idea. To make sure that you get all your pods back, the solution is actually pretty simple; put some stickers on it. If you’d like to hear AJ explain more, you can check out the video here.

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The Hustle Reload #118 – AJ Gets Waxed!

hustle reload 118

It’s time for another Hustle Reload, and boy do we have a good one today. We’ve been hyping it for a while, and our more astute readers (IE, those that read) will know that we promised we would wax AJ this week. While we’ve got that, we’ve also got a nice little variety show set up featuring your favorite paintball crew behind the scenes at the Hustle Paintball warehouse. In a way, it’s like The Office; it’s quirky, it’s got characters you grow to love, and everybody looks directly at the cameras. In a much more accurate way, it’s how we keep in touch with you, our fanbase, and keep giving you what you ask for. If you want to watch the video, it’s right here. Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll give you an idea of what’s to come…

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Three Prime Paintball Products To Improve Your Game

rufus dawg paintball t2

In paintball, you’ve always got your crucial pieces of equipment like your markers, your mask, and your tanks. While that may be all you need to play tournament paintball, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the story. Because paintball is such a wide-spread support with a host of companies selling as many products, there’s a huge market for your paintball marker that you might not have even considered. Fortunately, we at Hustle Paintball have picked some of the highest quality pieces to sell on our site; some are designed to help your game, others give you new ways to play. We’ve got a selection of a few great products that’ll help you put a spark back into your paintball games. Whatever you choose, however, we hope you find new ways to enjoy this great sport.

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Paintball Conditioning: How To Improve Your Physical Skills


Have you ever wanted to really improve your paintball game? Paintball is a sport and, like any other sport, requires a rigorous amount of conditioning. When we say “conditioning”, we mean a whole program of exercise, technique training, and getting your mind straight to play at the peak level of your gear. In this three part series, we’re going to talk about the three most important aspects of a paintball player’s conditioning and exactly how you can improve them.

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Gargoyle II Crowdfunding Campaign

gargoyle II

 Today, we’ve actually got something a little different on the blog for you guys, and it all starts with a single man back in 2009 and his wonderfully iconic stock-class marker.  Rodney Neal decided that he wanted to create a new concept in pump paintball markers and, after an incredible journey, he made the Gargoyle as well as the Rembember the Ronin company. Now, the company’s trying to break the mold again with the Gargoyle II, a completely crowd-funded project that’s the first in paintball history. But why should you fund this marker yourself? You can watch the full video here, or you can read on for a little bit of a review.

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The Hustle Reload #117

reload 117

In our grand tradition of bringing you the things you wanted before you even knew you wanted them, we’ve got another Reload for you. If you’re new, the Reload is your one-stop shop for all things related to the crazy shenanigans at the Hustle Paintball warehouse with your favorite paintball crew. Today on the show, we’re blowing stuff up! While you should totally never do this (seriously, it’s exceedingly dangerous), we totally still did it, and we did it all for you. Show us some love by checking out the video here. Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll give you a primer of what’s to come…

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The Barrel Break: Read Your Manual

barrel break image

It happens to everybody and on every marker; at the worst possible time in a paintball match, you’re unable to shoot, your marker is making weird noises, and you’re really not quite sure what to do. You’ve tried everything you can think of, but still you’re having trouble tracing the problem back to its source. The solution is so simple that even suggesting it sounds like an insult; if you want to fix most of the problems associated with your marker, whether it’s electropnumatic or mechanical, your best bet is to read your manual. If you’d like AJ to spell it out for you, you can check out the video here.

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The Hustle Reload #116

hustle belt 2

Oh, are we still doing this? You bet! It’s time, once again, for the Hustle Reload, your all-access look at the wacky world behind the scenes at the Hustle Paintball warehouse. You get to see all the stuff we didn’t (or couldn’t) put into our regularly scheduled programming, as well as a bunch of stuff that we’re pretty sure doesn’t make sense. Who cares? It’s better than working. If you want to see the full video in all its spectacular unedited glory, click on it here. Otherwise, keep reading and get a sense of what’s coming…

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