Playing Paintball Tips

There is a lot that goes into playing the sport of paintball, maybe more than what you might think.  You need to fully understand the skill and dedication that it takes to be a “good paintball player” these days.  Not to mention, if you want to become a pro or move up in the world of paintball, you need to possess some certain skills.  In this post we will be discussing some of the top tips that we believe make a paintball player a “good” or even “great paintball enthusiast”.

1. Snapshooting

Snapshooting is one of the most important skills you will need to possess while playing paintball, and is a skill that we talked about in a previous posting on our blog.  To quickly snapshootgo over this skill, basically, you are behind a bunker or a type of cover and you quickly do some pop-outs where you shoot a few rounds at the opponent and pop back behind the cover.  It seems easy, but truly, you need to work at this to get good at it.

2. Communicate

This is a biggie when it comes to playing on a team of paintball; you have to communicate and have code words or some kind of language that you use on the field to talk with your teammates.  To win paintball games you have to function as a team; it’s like they always say, “there is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’”.  You need to always know where your teammates are on the field and communicate with each other on strategies and how you plan to make your next move.  Practice, and we are serious when we say this – PRACTICE communicating on the field so that this is never an issue on your team.

3. Consider Your Health

Seriously!  You need to be in good standing, in good health and be physically capable to be a good player on a paintball team.  If you don’t workout and stay up with your physical self, you will eventually slow down and become a hindrance to your team (just sayin’).  Don’t be that guy, or girl, who is lagging behind and causing the team to lose simply because you are not an active trainer.  Adopt some simple workout routines, such as jogging or hitting the gym a few times a week to build up your endurance.  You can do it, we have faith in you!

4. Use Good Paint

It’s as simple as that – you need to use good paint in your gun, because if the shape or JT Splatmaster 1000ct Ammodesign is off, your shot will be off and you almost always will miss your target.  Buy quality paint, which you can find on our website from many of our awesome brands.  This is a no-brainer!  Just do it!  Use good paint and you will almost always have a good shot.


What are some good tips you can offer to everyone for becoming the best paintball player you can be?  Share with us below in the comment box.

Milsig 2013 MKIII Paradigm Pro Mag-Fed First Strike Paintball Gun Review & Shooting

The highly anticipated 2013 Mark III series “Para Pro” hit our building and we immediately started testing it and were very pleased! For a precision, mag-fed marker, it’s tough to beat! Jay shows you ALL of the different features, there’s plenty of delicious gun porn and shooting demos in here, so grab a Snickers – we hope you’re comfortable :) It’s a nice, long video.



This paintball marker is a completely new version of the Paradigm.  It is lighter, more efficient, more accurate and even more realistic than the original marker.  Some really great features of this Milsig M-Series Paradigm Pro First Strike Marker:

  • New High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT) semi-automatic operating system – this feature helps the Paradigm Pro to be more efficient (about 20% more efficient).  It also decreases operating pressure and provides a consistent shot for long distance.
  • Built-In Marksman Rifled Barrel – specially configured to match the fin pattern of the FIRST STRIKE projectile.  Both range and accuracy are drastically improved in this paintball marker.
  • Rail Integrated System (RIS) – meticulously CNC machined from billets of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Realistic Proportions – the gap between the Magazine Well and the Trigger Guard were removed.  The Paradigm PRO is more compact and mimics the proportions of a 7.62mm Armalite variant.
  • More compact and less weight – Weight has been dropped from 3.15kg to 2.65kg, over an 18% reduction!  Additionally, the length has dropped from 991mm to 850mm that is over 16% of reduction in length!
  • Easier to maintain
  • 20-Round .68 Cal. Square Head Magazine
  • 10-Round First Strike Straight Magazine
  • Flip-Up Polymer Front and Rear Sights

Does a Flatline or Normal Paintball Barrel Shoot Farther?

This video answers the question which really doesn’t need answering – how much further does a Tippmann Flatline paintball barrel shoot than a normal-style straight (linear) barrel? The Flatline shoots farther by a good distance – and not only do we talk about how it works, but we show an actual, live demonstration of the distance advantages with a Flatline barrel.

Here are a few of the products we mention in the video clip:

Tippmann Flatline Barrel – 98/US Army

With the ability to put a unique backspin on a paintball, the Tippmann Flatline Barrel is a definite must.  As a result of using this barrel system, you can shoot up to 100 MORE feet in tippmann flatline barrel 98distance!  This is 50% more than that of regular and traditional paintball barrels.

This kit includes the following:

  • Threaded Flatline Barrel
  • Barrel Shroud
  • NEW - Tactical weaver rail – Mount any tactical accessory that you want!

Tippmann Flatline Barrel – Tippmann A5 (MP5 Style)

tippmann flatline barrel a5 mp5 style








And the…

Tippmann Flatline Barrel – Tippmann X7/Phenom

tippmann flatline barrel x7

What is a Response Trigger?

Many of you have been wondering what is the difference between a response trigger and an automatic.  In this blog post we will be discussing the difference and help you decide on which paintball marker style you prefer.  Enjoy!

What Is A Response Trigger?

To better answer this question, watch the following YouTube clip we released a while back:

Basically, in a nutshell, a response trigger is a Tippmann trigger modification/add-on that allows you to use remaining CO2 from your marker.  This resets your trigger and allows you to shoot a whole lot faster than normal.

In this clip we showed you some really great products that you might want to consider if you choose to go the response trigger route.  Below are these products, their descriptions and links to where you can purchase them from Hustle Paintball.

The Tippmann GTA Response Trigger Kit – 98/Custom/Project Salvo

The reactive trigger kit uses gas from each cycle to push the trigger back forward against your finger. While it’s just about impossible to explain, you can attain a sweetspot in seconds (you’ll understand as soon as you pick up the gun), supercharging your Tippmann’s rate of fire to 15 balls per second or more! A simple, well-detailed installation is all that’s necessary, no batteries needed, and you’re good to go.

tippmann gta response trigger kit









Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit – Tippmann A5

tippmann gta response trigger kit a5









Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit – X7

tippmann x7 response trigger kit

How To Make Your Own Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are a major part of the paintball world, and some of you have been wondering, “How do I make my own smoke grenade?”  Well, in this blog post we are going to show you how.  However, if you decide that this process is just not worth it and you would rather let a professional company make yours, then visit our website to find all of your Smoke Grenade and Smoke Bomb needs!

What Are Smoke Grenades?

To start off with, we need to define exactly what a smoke grenade is.  Technically speaking, a smoke grenade is “a bomb that gives off thick smoke when it explodes and is used to distract or to mark a position.”  This smoke can be colorful if you want it to be, however, it is not necessary.

Here is an example of a smoke grenade from Enola Gaye:


Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades

How To Make Your Own Smoke Grenade

Now we get to the beef of the “how-to”.  Basically, to make your own smoke grenade, you need the following items and ingredients:

  • An empty soda can
  • A box cutter
  • 5 cups of saltpeter
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • Fuse
  • Food coloring, if you so desire


Steps to making your homemade smoke grenade:

  1. Take your empty soda can and box cutter; cut the soda can in half
  2. Cook the sugar and saltpeter until it turns a golden brown color – if you would like to add food coloring, now is the perfect time
  3. Pour the mixture into the halved soda can
  4. Insert the fuse into the mixture
  5. Place the soda can into the freezer, and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes; or until the mixture hardens
  6. And ta-da, you have a homemade smoke grenade

These homemade grenades are probably not a good idea to use at a paintball game or tournament, simply because of safety precautions.  If you would like to use smoke grenades, please purchase the ones from our website.

Have you made your own smoke grenades before?  If so, how did it go?  Did it work?  Share with us below!

How To Clean Your Paintball Mask

There are many different rumors floating around on how to correctly clean your mask. We’ve got two of the best ways to clean your mask without scratching the lenses or removing any protective (anti-scratch, UV, anti-fog, tinted) coating. We show demonstrations of these two popular techniques and suggest good products to use while warning about harmful products and techniques.

Technique #1: How To Clean Your Mask Without Scratching the Lens

So you were out playing some paintball and you got shot right on the lens.  This is makes for a very good reason WHY you should always clean your mask – because you can’t see out of it afterwards!  So what you want to do is take the excess paint off of the lens (as demonstrated in our YouTube clip).  One of the easiest ways to do this, especially if you are out without a microfiber cleaning cloth, just use your hand!  Wipe as much paint off as possible with your hand.  The idea is that your hand keeps you from scratching your lens and still allows you to continue playing some paintball.  Once you get home, use some cleaning solution – spray it onto the lens and use a microfiber cloth to clean the rest of the paint off of your mask.  For some great mask and lens cleaning products, be sure to check out our website for some of these items.

Some really great Anti-Fog Cleaners & Sprays from Hustle Paintball:

Pathogen Goggle Maintenance Kit

Pathogen’s new Goggle Maintenance Packs give you everything you need to have that pathogen-goggle-maintenance-kitupper edge on your competition. While others are trying to wipe away that dirt and debris with their sleeves, your lens is clean as a whistle, and now they have even more to wipe off when they get off the field.


  • 2 oz. Pathogen AR Kleen Lens Cleaner
  • Pathogen Microfiber Lens Cloth


On our website, several of you guys actually reviewed the Pathogen Goggle Maintenance Kit.  Here is what you guys said:

“Great stuff, also use it on my glasses” ~Jim

“Excellent” ~Giani

“This is great for any mask Have this for my amazing dye I4′s from hustlepaintball Cleans the paint right off so you can get back n the field” ~Oscar

Pick up your goggle cleaning supplies at Hustle Paintball!  And, as always, “Like” us on Facebook, retweet us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our blog.

Milsig Lightweight Slanted Scope Mount Riser Rail Review

We take a closer look at the Milsig Lightweight Slanted Scope Mount Riser Rail, installed on a Tippmann X7. We show you the important features, tell you how to install it and help you decide if this is the accessory you want to get for your paintball gun.

The Slanted Scope Mount is a lightweight aluminum scope mount that raises your scope by approximately 1.5″ which is the ideal height for using scope with a paintball mask. This scope mount can be mounted on to any standard Picatinny rail or rail interface system. Compatible with MILSIG K-Series and other markers with weaver rails.milsig-lightweight-slanted-scope-mount-riser-rail


  • Raises Scope by 1.5″ – Ideal Height
  • Mil-Spec Picatinny/Weaver Rail
  • Can be Mounted on any Mil-Spec Weaver/Picatinny Rail
  • Compatible with Milsig K-Series Markers


The Hustle Reload #48! – Paintball in the New Year!

Happy first reload of the year!

There is so much to look forward to in the New Year 2014 at Hustle Paintball!  There will be all sorts of new footage for you to watch, tons of emails to be sent, orders to be shipped and lots of rivalry.  And guess what!?  We are moving…across the street!  So be sure to check out the very end of this clip to get a glimpse inside of our new warehouse and where all of your paintball items will be stored.

And as always, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to THIS blog, watch our YouTube channel and purchase all of your paintball gear from

Turn Your Rotor Lid Into a Rain Lid

If you’ve got a speedfeed, feedgate or quickfeed on your Dye Rotor, chances are, you’ve had to deal with the possibility of rain, dirt, dust or mud getting into your loader. Not so now! Simply mod your lid and you’ll have a slick, easily removable rain lid that doesn’t interfere with your existing speedfeed! It’s very quick to pop on and off in the event of rain or inclement weather!

Looking to purchase your next Dye Rotor Loader?  If so, Hustle Paintball has just what you need.  This particular rotor has gotten 5 stars on our website and beats out all of the competition out there.  This rotor is one of the most innovative paintball loaders with the associated technology and mind blowing reliability.  Why would you look anywhere else?


Some of the features with the Dye Rotor Loader include the following:

  • Energy-efficient with a battery life of over 80,000+ ball shot count
  • Positive push button with bright LED display
  • Color kits, quick feeds and high capacity tops
  • Low Profile Design
  • Tuff Molding
  • Constant Feed
  • Rapid Reload
  • Toolless Maintenance
  • Sharkfin Jam Release Trigger
  • BlackOps
  • Adjustable Torque

The Hustle Reload – Hustle’s 2013

This past year for Hustle Paintball has been nuts. We’ve traveled, we’ve gotten to meet a lot of you in person, we’ve played some world class paintball, we’ve been able to show off new gear, and we’ve recorded all of it. 2013 feels like it’s been multiple years mashed into one, crazy, jam packed year full of awesomeness.

Grab some popcorn and drink of choice – we go over our favorite moments, favorite events, who’d win in a 1v1, and a few other things in this long Reload. Some never before seen (raw) tournament footage is here and maybe possibly another mini Weekender showcasing the Half-Life event? Hmm.. might have to watch and find out…!

As always, enjoy and thank you!!