Angel Eyes Reborn: Meet the C2 Eyon

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T’was over two years ago that Angel Paintball Sports closed its doors forever. To say this was a sad day is a vast understatement. I mourned, as did most other players. Famous for their line of Angel paintball guns and the Angel Eye mask, Angel Paintball Sports was certainly responsible for bringing electronic paintball guns to the forefront. It was terrible timing too, as the company was on its way to revolutionizing masks in the same way it had revolutionized paintball markers. Alas, Tippmann purchased Angel Paintball Sports in late 2011, and as a result, we all wept.

Although APS was defunct, rumors began to circulate that the Angel Eyes mask would be re-released (or at least branded as another product). Well, it turns out the rumors have been true (to a degree, anyway), as Tiberius Arms has announced the spirited successor to the Angel Eyes – the C2 Eyon!

If you compare the Angel Eyes to the C2 Eyon, you will notice right away that they have the full wrap-around view of the Angel Eyes. Vision is everything when it comes to paintball, and the C2 Eyon is certainly going to allow you to keep an eye on the field with minimal effort. The mouth area is more open than the Angel Eyes as well, thus allowing you to speak to your teammates without any effort (and trash talking your opponents, whatever you prefer).

Complete will fully adjustable foam, players can swap out various sizes of foam for different face profiles in seconds. Moreover, the mask has a removable lens that will allow you to fold the tabs of the lens in a mere 90 degrees to pop them out. Finally, this anti-fog mask sports a full thermal system as well. Never fear, as you are not going to have to put up with a foggy lens, and the best part? You are going to look like a beast doing it.

Check out the eight different C2 Eyon paintball masks available for pre-order. Releasing May, 2014, believe us when we say that may cannot come soon enough!

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