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Recently the forums had it’s first ever community leader vote. “Top Dog” is a member of the community, voted by the community for promoting the sport of paintball and overall just being a positive member of our extended family. Because pbRIOT is all about growing our favorite past time and providing a welcoming forum community to all; we wanted to make the community leader a pretty big deal. Our first winner of the well deserved title is Steve “Necro” Kaltenbach – The President and Founder of the Silent Assassin Squad (S.A.S.) which has chapters all over the U.S. and Internationally, in places like Canada and Colombia.

Steve is a leader in many respects. As a leader of a successful paintball clan he has the reach all over the world to spread a positive message about paintball. Whether it comes to safety or your fellow player, Steve has paintball’s best interests at heart. That is just one reason why he is the the first, and currently only person with the bragging rights of “Top Dog” on

Steve "Necro" Kaltenbach - pbRIOT's first Top Dog

Rather than just making an announcement and hoping you guys care, we wanted to give a little insight into the head of Necro with an interview. We tossed a few questions his way and this is how he responded:

Q: Why do you think you received the most votes?
A: Purely popularity. It’s a small forum and I have a loud voice.

Q: Do you consider yourself a leader in your community (either on Forums or in the local paintball community)? Why is that?
A: Yes I do consider myself a leader in the paintball community. Through my own actions and those of S.A.S. I try to promote and expand paintball to both new and old paintball players.

Q: What led or inspired you to step up and be a positive example in the paintball community?
A: It was during one of my first pay and play games. At this point in my life I only played outlaw ball. It was a woodsball game and I remember seeing a little boy crying with 3 blood spots on his white t-shirt. Turned out a few speedballers that were regulars at the field would come play every weekend shooting hot. They would “stitch” little kids because they thought it was funny. The field owner didn’t care because these guys paid more, and played regularly. This is where I told myself that I was going to do something about it. So, S.A.S. went public and started recruiting good people with the same mindset; a brotherhood. Karma is a funny thing, now that field is no longer in business. Play for fun and don’t be an a**hole. It’s not hard to be a decent person and that’s all I ask. The kids are the future of paintball. Treat them well, respect them, show them a good example and how paintball should be played.

Q: Where’d you learn everything you know about paintball?
A: A lot of trial and error which also meant I wasted a lot of money. Everything else I learned from the larger paintball community on forums, and youtube videos.

Q: Where do you find all that time to spend on the internet, anyway?
A: Right now I’m a single father and full-time student. My phone makes it easy to log on to facebook or check my email’s if I’m away from the PC. It really doesn’t take that much time to check messages. I deal with S.A.S. and paintball related things from 8 A.M. to Midnight 7 days a week unless in class. It’s not too difficult but it can run me down once in a while.

Q: You wanted to donate your winning patch to SN Toter? Why is that?
A: Well, to be honest I feel in ways I don’t deserve it (don’t know why) I just do. Everyone on that list is a great person that has my fullest respect. Toter was the runner up and he does a great job, I dig that. His personalty is what paintball is all about – fun and respect. People do thank me all the time for what I do; but in the end I like to thank them. They are the reason I am here. Without them there is no S.A.S. and I would not be around myself.

Thanks for answering all of these questions for us, Necro! Be sure to check out the S.A.S. website at, their YouTube channel at, and like their Facebook page.

Thanks for joining our blog and reading about something new and different we are trying to accomplish over at pbRIOT. We may not be the biggest community out there yet, but we are definitely a welcoming community full of people looking to help out and promote the sport of paintball.

Paintall would be a lesser sport without people like Necro.


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