Best Electronic Paintball Guns Under $200

Looking for a deal on a new electronic paintball gun?

Are you just getting into the sport but don’t have a lot of money to spend?

We’re about to take a look at the two best electronic paintball guns under $200. You don’t have to break the bank to get a decent marker. These two options are perfect if you are just getting started and you want full functionality in an affordable package.

Option 1: Azodin Blitz Electronic Paintball Gun

The Azodin Blitz is an excellent starter marker. It’s ready to go right out of the box.

The Blitz includes a versatile ZEN Circuit Board it offers NPPL Semi, PSP Ramp, CFOA Semi, and Millenium Ramp. It functions well and you really can’t find a better electronic marker for the price.


The fit and finish of the Azodin Blitz isn’t completely flawless, but is as close as you can get for the measly $169 price tag.

Included is a Rock Steady Regulator, the Feather Striker System—which is 30% lighter than traditional striker design, an aluminum grip frame with dovetail and direct screw mount, and a 12 inch single piece barrel.

For a full list of specs and the latest pricing information, you should check out the Azodin Blitz on our website. It is one of the most affordable electronic paintball guns you can currently buy brand new.

It handles well and can hold it’s on in both function and look with any paintball gun currently available.

Option 2: COG Paintball eNVy Marker

Coming in right under $200 is the eNVy.

You can only get it in black, but that’s alright because you are saving a ton of money when you buy one.


The basic eNVy has a top BPS of 11. Once you get one, you will want to upgrade to the completely awesome Blackheart circuit board—electronic internals that will stand up to $1000 markers and beyond. The Blackheart is available in a stock eNVy for around $50 more or on its own for $65. You might as well get the eNVy with the Blackheart already installed, because you’re going to want to do it anyway.

You really can’t go wrong with the eNVy. It’s constructed well, the stock barrel is decent, and with the Blackheart board you get all of the functionality you will ever need.

Because it is designed for beginner players, reliability is not a problem. The eNVy will really take a beating. This is the marker that you buy a friend or your little brother if you want them to get into paintball and have a good time without worrying about something breaking.

Other Options

These are undoubtedly the best electronic paintball guns under $200.

If you have your eye on something else, you might want to check out the used market. When you buy used, however, you don’t always get something that will work well right out of the box.

For beginner players, we recommend buying new markers that are tested and proven to work right out of the box.

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